Thursday, February 6, 2014

Guns in Airports - Most Offenders Walk

via ssgmarkcr

  " I came upon this article and it piqued my interest because of your posts regarding people forgetting firearms in their carry-on and getting caught by the TSA. 

    Its interesting that at least in Texas, the mindset seems to be that if you've gotten a carry permit, you are showing intent to be a responsible person and without some evidence showing evil intent, its assumed that it was an unintended mistake. 

    I'm also a bit troubled though in regards to people "forgetting" where there firearm is.  I have spent a good deal of my life in the Army and it was force fed constantly that weapons are always properly secured or under someone's direct supervision, be it a pistol, or a tank.

    Another facet of this concern is my having children in the home.  The only firearm/s that aren't locked up are in my possession.  Someone with no children wouldn't need to maintain the same level of in-house security as I do."

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  1. The same applies for homes without children, if children visit that home.