Thursday, February 6, 2014

Tennessee Gun Report by Southern Beale

Southern Beale

February 2, 2014:
1- A man entered a Cookeville church and shot a woman, believed to be his wife, and his sister in law, then turned the gun on himself.

A man entered a Double Springs church Sunday morning, shooting one person before turning the gun on himself, police say.

An emergency call reporting a shooting came in around 9:05 a.m. from the Double Springs Community Church located at the corner of Double Springs Road and Church Street, west of Cookeville.

The Putnam County SWAT team responded to the scene, entering the building to find one female with a gunshot wound to the abdomen and one male, the suspected shooter, dead.

The female victim was taken by ambulance to Cookeville Regional Medical Center where she was undergoing emergency surgery Sunday morning, according to Putnam County Sheriff David Andrews. Reportedly she made it through surgery and was still listed in critical condition.

“All we know at this time is that the man’s wife or ex-wife was inside the building with her sister at the time,” Andrews said before just noon Sunday. “We are still interviewing witnesses and working the crime scene at this time.”

It was believed the three were the only people in the church at the time, Andrews said.

The shooter, Tommy Meadows, 64, of Bloomington Springs, was reportedly carrying a handgun which was used in the shooting.


  1. This is an excellent reason why good people should be allowed to carry in churches.

    1. Ah yes, your legal society. Bring a gun everywhere, even church. Get dissed, then kill. No due process, no police, no sanity, just killing. If I throw popcorn at a movie, I must be killed. I don't want to live in a society ruled by criminal thinking.

    2. No, campy, it is an excellent reason why there should be fewer, not more guns. If the shooter hadn't had a gun in the first place, no one would have been harmed.

      It goes to demonstrate that gun owners are killers who go for murder suicides, because they aren't content unless they take others with them, due to their excessive levels of hatred and anger.

      I looked up ol' Tommy Ray Meadows; he's just another old, white, flabby and crabby nasty old man with a gun, like the classic NRA stereotype.

      Fewer guns, especially in the hands of guys like this redneck is a good reason why people should not carry in church, or anywhere else, or be permitted to have guns in their home.

      Since the only people in church were Tommy Ray Meadows, and the two women, I assume you would rather force all of the women in this country to go armed, than disarm the bad guys with guns?

      And let us not pretend that this was anything but another bad guy with a gun who masqueraded as a good guy with a gun. He was irresponsible, violent and dangerous.

      FEWER guns are the solution, not more gun violence.

      That is the core failure of your gun culture Campy. If more guns were the answer we would have lower gun violence numbers than those nations with fewer guns and more strict gun laws.

      FAIL FAIL FAIL FAIL FAIL -- no logic on your party Campy, and no culture of any value either.

    3. Then why did you carry a handgun, Dog Gone? Remember how you've yet to explain that to us? See, the thing you've yet to acknowledge is that Americans hate elitist prigs who want rules for thee, but not for me.

    4. Greg, he was a good guy with a gun. Look what happened.

    5. 1. I don't carry a hand gun. Having qualified for a permit does not mean carrying a gun everywhere - or anywhere.

      2. Are you REALLY so profoundly culturally illiterate Camp, that you are unaware of the long and extensive religious tradition that bans guns in religious spaces as a core part of worship? Seriously, can you even remotely claim to be a scholar of Chaucer and be unaware of this?

      And it's not just Chaucer - you have also expressed an interest with Viking traditions, as some sort of antecedents of yours - that was their custom as well. It is at the center of the major religions, world wide, and across time, and most of the minor religions as well. Having weapons, and the intent and capacity to harm, is a desecration of religious sites. It is for example a military tradition for all weapons to be left outside of military chapels.
      There are some states that do have laws permitting guns in church, but it should be challenged on grounds of violating freedom of religion. While there are some right wing nut churches that invite people to 'y'all bring your guns to worship JEEEEzus', they are generally not well regarded or respected by the rest of religious institutions, and considered inferior and just plain nuts, like cults, for it.
      The answer is that guns are the problem, guns are not the solution, unless you are OBSESSED.

    6. Another Dog Gone wall of text to tell us that she won't answer questions. It's curious how you value one tradition of the church, but if we talk about the role of women or contraception or so forth, you reject those. Of course, since I'm not a Christian, it doesn't matter to me personally. But unless you're claiming some magical protection within a church, you're left with the fact that some bad people will bring guns there. I'd rather have good survivors than good victims.

    7. Talk about a guy who won't answer questions.
      Here's another one for you teacher.
      If a church requests that you do not bring a gun into their church will you comply, or will you bring your gun into that church anyways?

    8. I'll answer any question asked politely and properly. I don't go to church, so that question is moot.

    9. Of course your stated policy is to ignore those requests, as you stated about Starbucks, you would bring your gun into their store, even though they have asked you not to.

    10. Starbucks actually didn't give a definitive answer about carrying, other than to express a preference against open carry. That's not legal in Arkansas anyway.

    11. The president of Starbucks made the request himself. Why do you have to lie?

  2. Another one of those southern states apparently with lax gun laws.

    Another apparent old flabby crabby guy deciding to shoot up people, because he can.

    Probably another legal gun too.