Monday, March 3, 2014

California 12-Year-old Son of Police Officers Shoots Himself by Accident - Special Treatment All Around

The 12-year-old son of two Oakland police officers accidentally shot himself in the arm at his Danville home, authorities said Friday.
A woman who works as an Oakland police officer called 911, saying her 12-year-old son had "accidentally shot himself in the arm."
"RP's (reporting party) an off-duty officer," a dispatcher told responding officers. "She has secured the gun. Son's 12 years of age. It's an accidental shooting. He's awake and breathing."
Shields would not say who the gun belonged to, how the boy got the weapon or whether the firearm was issued by the Oakland police. The boy's father is an Oakland police sergeant.
But Shields said police "investigated all aspects, including whether the weapon was properly stored, and based on that we determined there was no safety concern to the public."
The incident is being reviewed by the Contra Costa County district attorney's office.

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  1. The problem, obviously, is the "lax gun laws" in California--or is it the "lax gun laws" in surrounding states? It's so hard to keep the forcible citizen disarmament fanatics' bizarre arguments straight.