Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Lawful Florida Gun Owner Finally Charged with Daughter's Death

Thomas Chambers

Local news reports with video

The father of a 3 year-old Lake Worth girl that shot and killed herself is now criminally charged with her death.

The tragic story unfolded last month when investigators say Thomas Chambers’ three year-old daughter, Zuri, accidentally fatally shot herself in the head with his gun inside their Lake Worth home.

Deputies arrested Chambers this past weekend and charged him with aggravated manslaughter of a child. 

No one answered the door at his home and a woman had no comment at his place of employment.

Court documents obtained Monday show the father told investigators that he left the loaded Kel-Tec 9 mm on the table while getting dressed for work so he would not forget it.

The father told investigators that his daughter shot herself while he got dressed for work in another room. The affidavit also revealed deputies found another loaded pistol adjacent to a play pen and a unloaded shotgun in a closet.

The information is redacted on the affidavit but mentions at least two incidents inside of the home with someone playing with a gun. 

A judge released chambers on his own recognizance.


  1. "Florida law requires gun owners to keep firearms in a locked box unless carrying them or keeping them close enough to easily use. But Zuri had gotten hold of her dad's guns at least twice before. Once, according to Chambers' arrest report, Zuri's mother woke up to the child pointing one at her. Another time, Zuri grabbed a firearm that was sitting in a laundry basket.",0,7220571.story?track=rss

    All I can say is Yikes! But as you can see, the system works.

    1. The system works? What the FUCK? The kid is dead, you moron.

      The only system that has worked is the NRA system of terrifying morons and stupid people into believing that the world is dangerous. Gunsuck logic then takes over. People buy guns because they are stupid and cowards.

    2. Lib, Mike often posts of negligent shooting and laments that someone isn't arrested immediately. This posting is an update from an earlier one,

      Most here who have read any of my posts know my stance on securing firearms where kids are present. My reference was in regards to the gun owner being held accountable.
      I'm guessing most everyone else understood what I said, and the context.

    3. I understood, Sarge. I suspect POed did, too.

    4. I understood too, but POed Lib has a good point too. This idiot gun owner should have been disarmed long ago. I really don't think this was his first offense. Stricter laws and stricter application of the ones we do have would prevent some of these unnecessary deaths.

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