Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Georgia Gun Range Idiocy - No One Responsible for the Injuries

A Cleveland woman is recovering at a north Georgia hospital after being shot in the legs. It happened at a gun range in Whitfield County.
The woman's husband was also injured when investigators say a 12-year-old girl dropped a shot gun, causing it to fire.
Whitfield County detectives say a 12-year-old girl was at the range with three adults when she fired an Easter Arms double barrel shotgun. 
"When you shoot it, it's got to have somewhere for the energy to go and of course, it comes back on your shoulder," says Josh Land with Discount Sporting Goods.

The recoil was too much. The girl accidentally dropped the gun, causing the other shell to go off in the second barrel.

Land says some 12 year olds can handle a shot gun. "Depending on the caliber, you know, and then how familiar they are with firearms," says Land.

Whitfield County investigators couldn't say how familiar this 12-year-old girl is with guns, but the adults she was with won't likely face charges.

The gun range allows minors to shoot as long as they are with an adult.

Detectives are calling it a freak accident; one that Josh Land isn't sure could have been prevented.

"There may not have been anything to do to prevent that situation," Land says. "You've just always got to be careful."

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