Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Louisiana 5-Year-old Dead - No Charges

© 5-year-old Jon-Qualon Pitre
 Five-year-old Jon-Qualon Pitre, critically injured when he was shot in the head in an incident at his home Thursday, was taken off life support and died at our lady of the Lake Regional Medical Center in Baton Rouge Saturday. 
    Opelousas Police Chief Perry Gallow said the boy was shot in the head as he and his 7-year-old brother apparently were playing with a gun in the yard of his home in the 500 block of martin Luther king Dr.
     Police recovered the weapon, a .22-caliber, long-barrel revolver, at the scene.
     Gallow said "the best information they have is that only two people were in the yard at the time of the shooting, the 5-year-old and his 7-year-old brother".
     He adds no charges are currently being contemplated.


  1. He adds no charges are currently being contemplated.

    So, Mikeb, do you think black people got "special treatment" in a southern state, or should we assume that Jon-Qualon Pitre was adopted by white people?

    1. You know I hate to flesh it out too much, but it could mean that when a little black kid gets shot in LA, they just don' give a fuck.

    2. So when a black adult in a southern state is arrested quickly for his negligence that results in a black kid getting shot, it's because he's black, and when a black adult is not arrested in the same situation, it's because the kid is black? Am I following your "logic" (being generous here) correctly?

    3. Yeah, in some cases it's just like that. Of course, you're one who claims racism is nearly dead, a thing of the past. Which sounds more likely, my position or yours?

    4. Of course, you're one who claims racism is nearly dead, a thing of the past.

      Find one example of my having made such a claim, you lying punk.

    5. Jeez, did I hit a nerve, Kurt? I really thought you had claimed that. It must have been one or two of the others.

      You do frequently take issue with my attempts at assigning racism to certain situations, right? What are you saying now, that you deny my assertions but you feel racism is alive and well? Is it just my examples that you think are mistaken?

    6. Jeez, did I hit a nerve, Kurt?

      Maybe being lied about by some worthless little sack of filth doesn't bother you, but most men find it objectionable.

      What are you saying now, that you deny my assertions but you feel racism is alive and well? Is it just my examples that you think are mistaken?

      What I take issue with is your automatic assumption that everything that happens in the South, or in a rural area, is motivated by racism, based not on any evidence, but, ironically on your regional bigotry.

      As established in this discussion, you claim racism when a black man is arrested, and also when a black man isn't arrested. In other words, whatever happens, it's because of racism. There is no possible course of action that isn't "racist."

      That's just idiotic.

    7. To some in our political discussions, the term, racist, has come to mean anything they don't like. It's a catch-all label, and one that is thought to be the answer to any argument. Shout, "That's racist!" and nothing else is required to be said. Any attempt to deny racism by the person being accused is seen as further evidence of racism.

      I'd feel sorry for people who believe that way if they weren't so pernicious in their evil.

    8. Kurt,

      Good job pointing out Mike's calls of racism regardless of outcome.


      I'm the one whose statements you're misinterpreting and then misapplying to Kurt. I've never said that racism is nearly dead. Merely that it's dying out in many places. A few generations after the Jim Crow period and I see far less of it all over. I know where some of the enclaves of old fashioned white supremacists are, but outside those few enclaves, they're getting less common such that I don't have to deal with them on a day to day basis.

      But, of course, you can't deal with such a description so you 1: call me a liar, and 2: distort my statement into a claim that racism is dead.

      Deal with the plank in your eye.

  2. "The pistol, which was registered to a Lake Charles man several years ago, was brought to the home two weeks ago by a 16-year-old boy who has been living there, Gallow said.
    “He (the 16-year-old) said he found the gun,” said Gallow.
    The teenwas originally taken into custody in the case, but later released when police determined he was not present when the shooting occurred.
    Gallow said no charges are currently being contemplated, though his office is not done with the investigation."

    Here is some more information on the situation. I would agree that the sixteen year old is guilty of negligence. By the sounds of things, it isn't even a parent/child type of relationship. And as this article says, they are still investigating and the county attorney has the final say.