Saturday, May 10, 2014

Montana killing: Deadly clash of teenage mischief, pot, and self-defense?

This is the title of an Article from the Christian Science Monitor where this is revealed that the killer of a German exchange stusdent:
Kaarma’s live-in girlfriend told neighbors that someone had stolen marijuana from the firefighter’s garage stash on several occasions. Investigators say they removed a glass jar full of pot during the course of their investigation.
What the fuck?  Marijuana possession is a crime in Montana, and it could be a felony or federal crime if there was enough for it to be considered enough for possession with intent to deliver.

But, it gets even better:
Some self-defense experts say the shooting may become a limit-tester for a new breed of self-defense laws debated ferociously since the killing of unarmed teenager Trayvon Martin in Sanford, Fla., in 2012.
Seriously, can you actually lure someone and kill them while claiming self-defence?  Especially if they are unarmed?  How can people seriously defend the luring and murder of someone? Have people in the US completely lost it?

And you wonder why I have no interest in what you have to say.


  1. Laci, when someone commits a crime, the prosecutor presses charges and has to prove them beyond a reasonable doubt. There have been many unbelievable defenses for crimes committed before stand your ground was passed. If the attempt doesn't result in acquittal, then it doesn't count.
    This case looks much like the recent conviction of a man up near my place. He too attempted to claim self defense, but the evidence easily belied that claim.

  2. What kind of criminal defense attorney has issues with allowing the accused a chance to defend them self against a charge? The law doesn't allow luring people into a trap, so I'm sure the case will revolve around that issue. If the jury sees it as a lure, he will rot in jail. He's already been arrested and charged, so what are you complaining about.

    1. The kid is dead, and it is due to the NRA and their moronic and idiotic promotion of gun use to solve problems .It's YOUR FUCKING FAULT this kid is dead. You morons with weapons just cannot understand how many stupid people out there are given the green light to enforce their own version of justice.

      It's YOUR FAULT.