Wednesday, May 7, 2014

More truth in advertising

And while we're at it, this one from the February 2014 issue of Guns & Ammo.

No, they're just cosmetic features. It's the firearm features that kill you.


  1. Laci, authors of gun control legislation started that whole debate when they were attempting to ban rifles that were functionally identical to almost all semiautomatic rifles. So they started listing criteria that had absolutely no bearing on the function of the weapon.
    For example, the evil bayonet lug. Has absolutely no effect on the rifle. And when manufacturers started producing the same rifle with no bayonet lug, instead of being praised for obeying the law, they are accused of skirting the law like they did something wrong.
    The same can be said of other features they tried to use to define assault weapons in legislation. This is just a sign of sheer laziness and ignorance on the part of legislators in not being able or willing to their homework.
    New Jersey is actually going one step beyond as they like to do in the area of gun legislation. They currently have a bill in the works to define any firearm capable of holding more than 10 rounds as an assault firearm.

    "Specifically, the bill revises the definition of a “large capacity ammunition magazine” to reduce the allowable rounds of ammunition from 15 to 10. The bill also designates a semi-automatic rifle with a fixed magazine capacity exceeding 10 rounds as a prohibited assault firearm. Currently, they are not included as an assault firearm unless the capacity exceeds 15 rounds."

    It will for example ban possession of evil rifles such as this one,

  2. Just ran across this interesting article that speaks to this issue,

    "Now some critics say one part of the law – the assault rifle ban – is not effective because new models being made to comply with the law are almost entirely the same as those that were banned.
    "The guns are exact," said Long Island gun dealer Martin Tretola. "
    NYU law professor James Jacobs, who has written extensively on gun control issues, praises portions of the SAFE Act, including expanded background checks.
    But he says the the assault rifle ban has resulted in a remodeled gun that is no less dangerous – just less scary looking.
    "It differs only in how it looks, not in how it functions," Jacobs said."