Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Vive la France!

One way France is light years better than the US:  Poop scooping Parisian motorcylists!

A better look at what's going on above:

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  1. "The project was abandoned in 2002,[3] for a new and better enforced local law which now fines dog owners up to Euros 500 for not removing their dog faeces. It was estimated at the time of their removal, that the fleet of 70 Motocrottes were only cleaning up 20% of dog faeces on Parisian streets, for an annual cost of £3million."

    So another example of a wasteful, no pun intended, inefficient government program being scrapped for expecting people to take responsibility for their actions. The only difference is the US skipped the government program stage and saved how many millions?

  2. So Laci cites a program that was stopped over a decade ago as showing France is light years ahead of the US? Classic Laci drivel.

  3. Mais Oui! Now there are little boxes with convenient bags for doggy owners to take for free so they can dispose of their doggy's contributions to the urban environment! We trust people to deal with these things here. Super markets have stopped giving plastic bags long ago, because if you are a grown up, you can figure out how to get your stuff to your car without plastic bags. I understand that Americans believe that unlimited free plastic bags individually sanitarily wrapping each and every item purchased is a inalienable right in the constitution and if you try to take away their plastic bags, they's gonna stand their ground!

    1. Micro - you state France gives out free bags (I assume plastic?) for dog shit and then complain that Americans use free bags to transport their groceries home?