Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Gallup Poll on People Who Would Like to Move to Another State

Gallup - on TTAG Farago saw all kinds of implications for the gun debate.U.S. State Residents' Desire to Move to a Different State, 2013States Where the Most Residents Would Leave if They Could, June-December 2013States Where the Fewest Residents Would Leave if They Could, June-December 2013


  1. "Residents of Mississippi and South Carolina who indicate they are likely to move are significantly more likely to cite work- or business-related reasons than are their counterparts in other states. The cost of living is a greater relative factor for residents in Connecticut and New York, while taxes are a uniquely important factor in New York, Illinois, and Maryland."

    "If these states sound familiar to readers of Gallup's previous 50-state poll articles, it's because several of them also appear at the top or bottom of the states for resident satisfaction with state taxes, state government, and overall perceptions of how their state compares to others as a place to live. Texas is in the top 10 on all three, while Illinois, Rhode Island, and Maryland rank in the bottom 10 on all three.
    In upcoming articles, Gallup will analyze interstate migration patterns in greater detail, looking at where residents who are likely to move say they would move to."

    I hope I can remember to check back on the upcoming article they refer too. Mike, I believe I've seen some similar leaps in logic when you compare education levels and levels of laws restricting guns. How are Farago's assertions more or less credible than yours?

    1. I don't know. Maybe they're the same.

  2. The most common answer for why people want to move, according to the same survey, is for a job. Quality of life concerns were near the bottom of the list of reasons. This isn't about guns.