Friday, November 7, 2014

Colorado Senate Gun Recall Seats Slide Back to Democrats

Republicans Bernie Herpin, left, and George Rivera lost their historically Democratic Colorado Senate seats earned in a historic recall election after just 13 months this week. (Photo: KWGN)

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The two seats in Colorado’s senate won through a historic recall election over gun control in 2013 have once again returned to candidates from the Democratic Party this week.
Last spring, state Senate President John Morse (D-Colorado Springs) and Sen. Angela Giron (D-Pueblo), both strongly backed bills to ban magazines that hold more than 15 rounds of ammunition and to require background checks for private transfers, including those made over the Internet and at gun shows. Their passion for gun control cost the two their jobs by the fall of 2013 at the hands of a recall election, the first in the Centennial State’s history.
The pendulum has swung back this year and the two seats, occupied by Republicans George Rivera and Bernie Herpin, have once again gone blue.
“Those were Democratic seats to begin with,” Political analyst Bob Loevy told KRDO. “The unusual situation surrounding of the recall shifted them Republican. Once we had the regular electorate voting in a regular election, the seats swiftly went back Democratic.”


  1. "Control of the Colorado Senate has come down to one seat in Adams County, where the Republican was holding a lead of fewer than 900 votes in a county that usually leans Democratic but this election favored Republicans.
    Based on preliminary results, Democrats and Republicans appear to have won 17 seats apiece in the Senate, putting the focus on Adams County and Senate District 24. Republican Beth Martinez Humenik was ahead of Democrat Judy Solano by 852 votes in the latest returns."

    Hmmm, was a nice little time out for those two politicians. And it seems like they decided not to come back and try to get their jobs back. And there seems like a real possibility that the Senate will move to Republican control.

  2. Any chance these New Democrats vote for gun control? Democrats who support gun rights are worse for the cause of gun control than republicans.

    1. I notice that one of the two Senators elect, Leroy M. Garcia, as a state Rep. opposed three of the four "gun control" laws that got Giron and Morse recalled, including the magazine ban and college campus concealed carry bans--influenced, he says, by "thousands of emails and phone calls."

  3. The recall is what SS claimed was the proof that gun control was dead. SS (and the rest of the gun loons here) insisted the recall was not only proof of dead gun control in Colorado, but reflected the nations opinion as well. So there you go LOSERS, proven wrong, yet, again.

    1. Yes, Colorado is right behind Washington as leading the country in gun control.

  4. Those seats moved back to the Democrats, and I wager they'll be much more careful to listen to their constituients so they don't suffer the same fate as Giron, Morse, and Hudak.
    However, even with these victories, at the end of the day, it appears the Republicans are now the majority party in the Senate.

    "Republicans are officially in charge of the Colorado Senate, ending a decade-long drought where they painfully watched Democrats win the majority in five straight elections.
    The streak ended in 2014. Senate Republicans hold 18 seats to the Democrats' 17."

    And it appears Democrats lost a few in the House also,

    "House Democrats will hold a 34-31 majority after three of their members were ousted in an election that clearly favored Republicans in Colorado and nationwide as voters struggled with midterm angst."

    And it seems that others also seem to think gun control was a factor in the GOP wins in the state,

    "A GOP blindside in Adams County and gun-control efforts also played a role in Republican victories in both chambers."

    "And in the end, recall efforts because of gun control legislation also played a factor in Democrats losing the Senate majority."

    1. Typical hot air from SS. Distraction from how much he put on the recall, now he needs to go in to all sorts of things that have nothing to do with the fact that recall has been fixed by the voters at the soonest possible opportunity they had. Another false attempt by SS to try and not make himself look so WRONG.