Saturday, November 8, 2014

Of course, you hate them...

Not only are they French...they are commies.

Vive la France!

Sometimes, I wonder if people in the US don't feel the wrong side won the war.


  1. Hey there is a still a few communist political parties here in France. They elected mayors and representatives in this part of France for years. One of my best friends parents were staunch party members until their deaths. Lionel Jospin, the ex Prime Minister under Chirac was a Trotskyite. Many French Communists distanced themselves from being labeled as Communists when Stalin destroyed the brand name. It was de Gaulle who really trashed the Communists after the war. The communists led the resistance against the Germans. The Communists liberated Paris in the street battles against the Germans. Some of the most enduring and popular political figures in France are members of parties that have evolved from the communist party. Again, it is the popular perception, the use of the word as a smear that defines it in the mind of the masses.

    1. Here in Italy, when people talk about the Left, they mean the Italian Communist Party.

  2. You gotta love communists simply because they cant efficiently run a government. Take the Berlin Wall for example. LOL!!!!!

    orlin sellers