Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Quote of the day

How does the rest of the western world manage without guns to make them more FREE and manly? Everyone I see who is carrying a gun or shoots people in the U.S. looks like he has one friend and he is imaginary!

And while we're at it:

This is a cultural acceptance of violence and guns as perfectly OK, but a hint of nudity is seen as dangerously corrupting to youth. Where have such skewed and twisted values come from and why are they so acceptable in the U.S., but seen as strange in every other western country? It’s almost a reversal of what is OK and seen as normal everywhere else. What is strange is that the U.S. rarely looks outside the U.S., so sees this as perfectly normal. Then you have a whole “but that’s Europe, or wherever, they are weird” going on. The sad truth is the U.S. is the weird country, the one out of step, being led down an escalating route of gun deaths by an uncaring NRA and politicians being lobbied by the NRA. The U.S. is such a beautiful country, full of decent people, but is being skewed and controlled by a minority who even with their vast resources and endless propaganda have less than 36 percent of the population behind them.


  1. Quit yer whining.

    orlin sellers

    1. Actually, I quite enjoy the anguished bleating of the bed-wetting cud-chewers. Sounds like . . . liberty.

  2. I dont give two shits about what some FEB thinks of our culture... he can take his opinions and shove them up his ASS...

    Im off to Target for some shopping then Chipotle for lunch....


    1. As the US sinks lower and lower on the list of anything but bombs, military, and violence.

  3. It took a while for this segment from the Limey's rant to sink in:

    Our police treat any crime involving a gun as a “shoot on sight” policy. Its the only crime in fact where this IS the case. This tends to make criminals very wary of using guns.

    Get that? If what this effete clown is saying is accurate (admittedly a far from foregone conclusion) just openly carrying a gun in public (a "gun crime" in "Great" Britain) warrants--by official policy--summary execution. This would, apparently, be considered entirely appropriate. Wow--can you imagine how much the SWATters of Moms Demand Action would love for the U.S. to import that sick policy?

    But wait--there's more.

    We have special police units, called armed response units (ARU) whose only purpose is to deal with guns. Each police force has its own ARU. Kind of like the regular army and the SAS.

    So whenever they see a gun, they call in their elite death squads to shoot the "perpetrator" on sight.

    Are you OK with all this, Mikeb? Aren't you generally pretty quick to condemn cops for being too quick on the trigger? What do you think of the notion of setting such quickness on the trigger as official policy, nationwide? Does that not sound rather draconian (dare I say "tyrannical"?) to you?