Thursday, November 6, 2014

Gun Control Claims a Few Victories

States United
The gun-violence-prevention movement scored an enormous victory in Washington state – the only place in the country that voted directly on gun safety legislation. Voters in Washington overwhelming approved I-594, a ballot measure that will institute universal background checks on all private gun sales. Even though the NRA spent millions of dollars against the measure and put up a competing measure to sow confusion, Washington voters were resolute in their call for stronger gun laws.
This successful ballot initiative is now a model for campaigns in other states. A warning to legislators: If you won't pass stronger gun laws, then the people will!
We also had an important trifecta of winning Governors - Cuomo (NY), Malloy (CT) and Hickenlooper (CO). All championed the most comprehensive gun-safety legislation in the wake of the tragic Newtown shootings and were targeted for defeat by the NRA. In fact, Gov. Hickenlooper was the NRA's number one target this year. The NRA is not invincible!
Two other exciting wins in governor’s races: In Pennsylvania, Democrat Tom Wolf defeated the NRA-endorsed Republican Gov. Tom Corbett. Wolf supports expanded background checks and an assault weapons ban.

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