Sunday, November 2, 2014

Gallup Poll: Support for Gun Control Down


Gun control support has taken a tumble since 2012.
According to a new poll from Gallup, the numbers have fallen to near-record lows in just a two-year period from 58 percent to 47 percent. This 11-point drop was due to both Republicans and Democrats easing on support.
On the Democrat side, it represents a drop of eight points from 79 percent to 71 percent. On the Republican side, it fell from 39 percent to 29 percent. Among Liberals and Conservatives, the numbers fell from 75 to 67 and 44 to 32, respectively.
“Public demand for stricter gun sale laws is returning to levels seen throughout the past decade. After seeing a spike in support for stricter laws following the Newtown school shooting in 2012, the call for more stringent laws has settled to near-record lows. The percentage of Americans who say that handguns should not be banned is at a near-record high as well,” Gallup stated.
Americans also believed by an overwhelming majority of 73 percent that handguns should not be banned, while 25 percent said that they should be except for police and “authorized users.”


  1. Hardly surprising--fits the pattern.

    That said, no fundamental human right can legitimately be held hostage to the popularity contest of public approval. If it were 99.9999% percent in favor of a gun ban, and 0.0001% opposed, that 0.0001% would have not only the right, but the moral duty to keep their guns, at whatever cost.

    1. ?????
      You still don't get it. Any law, or right as you put it, is susceptible to the vote. There is no untouchable law. Law is not God made.

    2. "At WHATEVER cost." How silly, Kurt.

    3. "At WHATEVER cost." How silly, Kurt.

      For me, when it comes to fundamental human rights, cost is no object. You, perhaps, see it differently. "Silly" falls a very long way short of describing my view of that stance.

    4. You have already said you are prepared to kill for what you perceive an injustice "at whatever cost" is just reaffirming your kill thinking. Total rejection of how our system works. It's your way, or you will kill. And you wonder why I call you a criminal, HA HA HA HA HA

    5. Kurt, what about your fundamental human right to own a toaster? Would you commit murder to protect it? Or are you just spouting nonsense about the particular inanimate object that you like above all others.

    6. Kurt, what about your fundamental human right to own a toaster?

      Ask me that idiotic question again when there's a concerted effort to impose restrictions on the right to own toasters. Maybe I'll get back to you then.

    7. I'd say your government is pretty damn oppressive if they are taking your toasters away.