Monday, November 3, 2014

Connecticut Bumbling Concealed Carry Permit Holder Placed on Administrative Leave from the Fire Department

Local news reports

A city firefighter has been placed on administrative leave after accidentally shooting another man overnight, public safety officials said Sunday.
The victim, Jose C. Medina, 28, is in stable condition, according to police. He sustained non-life threatening injuries to his jaw and neck, Deputy Chief Brian Foley said.
No charges have been filed against the shooter, Justin M. Wood, a 25-year-old East Hartford resident and Hartford firefighter. Foley said Wood is licensed to carry a firearm and has been cooperating with detectives.
The incident remains under investigation, Foley said. According to an incident report, the shooting happened just after midnight Sunday at an apartment on Webster Street. Wood was showing Medina the handgun when it accidentally discharged, the report says.
Wood has been placed on administrative leave until the investigation is completed, fire officials said. He has been with the department since December 2012 and is currently assigned to Engine Co. 5.


  1. How does a gun accidentally discharge? Someone, or something moved the trigger.

  2. Yeah, its always the guns fault, never the person in control of it.
    Remember when it was always the SUV that ran over someone? Its like the media never thought the SUV needed a driver to go anywhere.
    Now its the gun, before it was the SUV, same story, different object.

    1. That's a bullshit straw man argument. No one's blaming the gun. Read the title of the post.

    2. A car is the same as a gun? Thanks for proving your gun loon credentials.