Monday, September 22, 2008

George Michael in the Toilet Again

It's been reported that George Michael was caught in a public toilet, detained by the police in London, and released with a warning about some minor drug possession. CNN carried the story this morning. Three blogs had the honor of appearing at the bottom of the story.

One of them, entitled Maybe It's Just Me, asks the obvious, "Why, why, why!"

Another one, Nothing Personal, asks, "Has he really been reduced to scoring on the streets like Tatum O'Neal?"

And the third, Brad Laidman, hits the nail on the head. "Stupid Coppers - Been there, Done that. George Michael’s public bathroom vice is not drugs!"

Having a monkey on your back is a fairly old expression used to describe an addiction. The Urban Dictionary covers it pretty well.


  1. FYI--I know as well as anyone what Mr. Michael was really up to. I just thought it was interesting that the charges were drug- rather than sex-related. Clearly, he hiked his britches up just in time for the cops to arrive!

    So maybe he's learned from previous experience after all. Hopefully, if there's a next time (and we all know there will be), he'll remember:

    1. Pull up pants
    2. Flush dope

    The order can be reversed depending on which is most convenient to do first.

  2. But, what do you think about the fact that as rich and successful as he is he still prefers to meet sex partners in public toilets, or so it seems. He could have anything he wants delivered to the mansion. Do you think that's called sex addiction? Do you think sex can be an addiction like drugs or alcohol?