Thursday, September 25, 2008

Paul McCartney Brings Peace to the Middle East

CNN reports on the upcoming concert of Paul McCartney in Tel Aviv.

After posing for pictures with fans outside the fortress-like church, McCartney was asked to respond to criticism from some Palestinians that his visit to Israel supports its occupation of the West Bank.

He said his visit Wednesday to the West Bank showed he was not playing favorites.

"I'm here to highlight the situation and to say that what we need is peace in this region, a two-state solution," he said, referring to Israel and a Palestinian state.

What occurs to me is, first of all, who could complain about a wish for peace. Did the Palestinians who criticized McCartney not think he was sincere in wishing peace for the reason? Or did they not know he suggests a "two-state solution?" Isn't that the very thing that supports Palestine?

The Insider contains the basic story along with some good pictures of Paul.

What's your opinion?

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