Wednesday, October 8, 2008

A-Ha Video - Take On Me

Via Matthew Yglesias via Jason Kottke.

To me the 1980s were a wonderful decade. I turned 27 in 1980 and was to have the best times of my life during those years. How was it for you? Do you agree with the famous Austin Powers' line, "The 70s and the 80s? You're not missing anything, believe me. I've looked into it. There's a gas shortage and A Flock of Seagulls. That's about it."


  1. i do, in fact, remember the 1980s. but this is only because i was, at the time, too young to drink myself into a stupor so i could forget it was all happening.

    i was much more formed by the 1990s; i think that's why i like noir films, dystopian novels, dark humor, and dripping sarcasm. it seemed to me a grittier, more down-to-earth decade, if also more cynical; i prefer things that way.

  2. I guess I'm in the middle age wise between Nomen and Mike.

    I turned 18 in 1981, joined the Air Force and spent 4 great years partying, seeing new places and working in a very dull place. Goldsboro North Carolina; I would like to know that special skill it is that allows the military to put bases 60 miles from anywhere. :)

    After I got out in 85, I started working and going to school part time, so the rest of the time was an enjoyable period. I didn't get much sleep between working, school and a limited social life, but I was young. Was able to get a couple of hours of sleep, get up play some sand volley ball, shower, go to work, then school. Study for a few hours and start the cycle all over again.

    I do find myself listening to much of the music of that age. I find good stuff in every decade, but much of the current stuff is just noises to this old man's ears now.

  3. A-ha? Really?

    I turned 18 in 1984 and the 80's sucked! Bad music and even worse fashions. There was some pretty good stuff too, but it was hard to find.

    The 70's (early) and the 90's (early) truly rocked.

  4. But, did you notice the new lyrics to that famous old video? I thought it was really cool for reminiscing. But, like part of what Earl said, it's the early 70s that really work in my brain.

  5. Mike,

    That is a great take off of the original. I thought you were just posting the music video.

  6. oh i did LOVE that video!! Every young girl's dream! Iwas 18 then, starting my nursing and run around with a perm, big earrings, shoulderpads and white little boots!

    Thanks Mike, that brought back a lot of good memories!
    But i am not so sure about the new lyrics!

  7. You'd have to post ABBA youtubes to make me closer to physically ill. I only made it about 20 seconds in to the crap synthesizer manufactured garbage and had to choose between hurling or hitting the big X.

    I shall now listen to Piece of Mind (one of the finer products of the era, aavilable on vinyl at the time) to do my penance.

  8. Ah-Ha did one of the better themes to one of the Best Jame Bond film in my opinion. "View to a Kill"! Timothy Dalton's portrayal of Agent 007 was most similar to how Sir Ian Flemming's descriptions of the "Gentleman Spy"/Assassin that IMHO has only been surpassed by Daniel Craig's rendition in "Casino Royal".

    Another Bond film that comes to mind is my favorite Roger Moore Bond film, "View to a Kill", theme by Duran Duran.

    Christopher Walken as "Max Zorin" was a DAMN good Bond villan, right up there with Christopher Lee as "The Man With the Golden Gun" and the various incarnations of Ernst Blofeld.

    I like my Bond films... : ]

  9. Tom, I'm actually more into Heavy Metal than stuff like the video I posted. Yet, the older I get the broader my appreciation gets of the old tunes. For example, growing up I loved the Stones and the Who and had no interest in the Beatles. They weren't cool at all for me and my friends. But, now, almost any Beatle song I hear fills me with nostalgia. It's the same thing with the Beach Boys.

  10. The 70s almost went out with a bang for me--I lived just outside the Three Mile Island evacuation radius :). I remember parents coming into my Kindergarten class that day to pick up their kids and hightail it out of town.

    When I asked my parents why we weren't leaving their response was something like "Eh, we're far enough away." I was 5 yrs old and I knew enough about what was going on to doubt their judgment. As it turns out, they were right, but I chalk that up more to luck or divine intervention than their foresight.

    So the 80s were ages 6 to 16 for me, and I did dig them--especially music-wise. I have to admit that I was a total New Wave fan for the bulk of it, but also embraced heavy metal starting in 86 when I heard Metallica for the first time. Then came the 90s and it was all about goth and industrial. I was my rural high school's very first goth. Needless to say, I wasn't super popular, but getting dressed every day was REALLY easy. What should I wear today? Ooh! How about something black?

    I do NOT miss 80s fashion. My entire wardrobe was fluorescent pink, green and yellow and I too had a horrific perm. Ugh.

    I do agree with Weer'd. Timothy Dalton was a fantastic Bond and I haven't liked anyone as much until Daniel Craig. I dig Duran Duran's "View to a Kill", too, but GN'Rs "Live and Let Die" is just effing badass.