Saturday, October 11, 2008

Same Sex Marriage in Connecticut

The New York Times reports on the reversal in Connecticut of the ban on same sex marriage.

A sharply divided Connecticut Supreme Court struck down the state’s civil union law on Friday and ruled that same-sex couples have a constitutional right to marry. Connecticut thus joins Massachusetts and California as the only states to have legalized gay marriages.

Now these are what I call progressive states. I wonder whom they'll vote for in the big election coming up?

The case was watched far beyond Hartford. Vermont, New Hampshire and New Jersey all have civil union statutes, while Maine, Washington, Oregon and Hawaii have domestic partnership laws that allow same-sex couples many of the same rights granted to those in civil unions. Advocates for same-sex couples have long argued that civil unions and domestic partnerships denied them the financial, social and emotional benefits accorded in a marriage.

What about these other states where they've been allowing civil unions? Is there some consistency between attitude towards gays, attitude towards gun laws and presidential preference?

Here's the CNN take on it.

Please tell us what you think.


  1. i think it's great news. i can't wait for this trend to finally start creeping inland, away from the seaboards.

    i think eventually there'll be a tipping point; once enough many states with enough many people get experience with marriage equality, we'll see a rush of nearly all the rest of them, with only a handful of hold-outs left behind. i hope that tipping point comes soon.

  2. I think the government needs to get out of the marriage business entirely.

    If your religion or belief system wants to recognize any sort of marriage that's great, just don't expect all religions to support it.

    I think there should be a civil recognition based on contract law, other then that; as in most things - Get the government out or people's lives.

  3. hear hear!!! Religion should be kept out of governments and the law!
    Here in the UK we have civil partnerships and rightly so.
    I am sick and tired that the church sticks its nose into people's private lives regardless which religion or none they practise and make judgements on a set of rules they came up with.
    Mike, interesting point you made if there is a connection between attitude towards gays,attitude towards gun laws etc ;)

  4. +1, when the wife and I got married, I would have gone for a civil union as well as we're not religious, and the aspects of our union that are not simply legal are held in the eyes of our friends and families that witnessed the ceremony and celebration (My Mom-in-Law actually performed the Ceremony. Our Union is one of Family)

    Still I'm glad to see that allowing Gays the same rights that my wife and I enjoy is spreading like a grass fire across the nation.

    Who's next? New York? Washington? Nevada?

  5. for some reason i waited this long to go read that CNN link... where i found, to my amazement, the log cabin republicans saying they're worried their party might end up "on the wrong side of history".

    and i couldn't help thinking, isn't that where a supposedly conservative party is, well, supposed to be? almost by definition? if not, then what was all that bullshit of Buckley's about yelling "stop" at history all about, eh?

    of course they're on the wrong side of history. if they don't like that, they can join us progressives. being on the driving side of history is what we're for.