Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Old Regime

Thanks to the One Utah Site, we have this.


  1. damn, i cant see this at work.

    based on the tags, i think i need to check this one out as soon as i get home.

  2. Great little documentary, Mike.
    To think that they almost pulled it on us again with Iran. At one point we were in a position ideologically and strategically to launch an attack on Iraq...but there was a power struuggle in the Pentagon and Stae Department and the reality based factions won...
    Perhaps now with the Regime change, we will know the full breadth of that near brush with insanity.

    I was off line again for a few days but finally, I think that France Telecom fixed my line problems semi permanently! Now I won't lose my internet service when ever it rains anymore !!!!!

    I have had an emotional day watching the inaugaration of Obama.
    It's still sinking in, but I feel like we have come out of the Dark Ages into the Renaissance.

  3. Today I read that Bush was booed at some point in yesterday's program. My gut reaction is to feel sorry for him, then I think about what those guys did. I wouldn't want to participate in such a disrespectful action myself, but if someone manages to prosecute him, I think for that I will applaud.

    About the internet connection, it's rough here in Italy too. I recently made a great change from the long-standing former monopoly Telecom to Fastweb. Best move I could have made.

  4. Ah, yes, the whole intriguing story of the neocon junta who convinced a naive president to do their will.