Friday, February 6, 2009

The Incredible ex-Vice-President Dick Cheney published a fascinating interview with the ex-Vice-President the other day in which he staunchly defended the Bush administration policies many believe he orchestrated. Liberal feedback has been furious, mainly concerning his continued attempts at utilizing fear tactics.

On Crooks and Liars I found the following post: Rachel Maddow Show: Glenn Greenwald on Cheney's Fear Mongering. In the video, Greenwald makes a neat parallel between what the Bush Administration apologists keep saying, that he (Bush) kept us safe since 9/11, and the fact that Clinton "kept us safe" for years after the first World Trade Center attack.

On Opinione I found this post: Cheney terrorized Americans more than the terrorists ever did. The video is Keith Olbermann doing his thing, which I sometimes find to be a bit much, but with which I agree totally.


  1. He of course caters to the fear crazed wimps who are sleeping fitfully lately because they are alarmed that Barack Obama doesn't want to authorize torture.
    Of course, to make some vague prediction that something bad will happen in the future because his policies are being discredited...that's exactly what we expect a deranged power mad fiend like him to do...
    The energizer bunny of evil just keeps on going....
    until the batteries in his defillabrator run out..
    (Sorry Mudrake, I used that line on your blog....)

  2. The most evil and traitorous American to have ever lived.

  3. The War on Iraq and the war crimes committed by US troops due to the decision by Dick Cheney and George Bush is one of the reasons why the United States has not signed a treaty to belong to the International Criminal Court.

  4. We have no business signing on to an international criminal court that gives power of other nations over our citizens. That would be nuts!

    Maybe they will decide to stone people someday for criticizing other nations on blogs.

    Subject to international justice??? NO WAY!!!

    I believe it's Saudi Arabia that has a 28 year old fellah in jail right now --for his blog.

    Our justice may be imperfect, but I'd rather be tried and jailed in the U.S. than anywhere else.

    Cheney is hardly the most evil and traitorous American to have ever lived. What hyperbolic nonsense!

    I'm madder at the democrats who want to raise my taxes because they get away with not paying theirs!

  5. Both Obama and clinton had trouble naming their cabinet members --due to various degrees of ethical compromise.

    Someone recently noted on cable news that GOP folks have sex scandals because of the hypocrisey --being the party of family values, against porn and prostitution, drugs, sexual deviancy and the like. Whereas the Democrats don't prize morality nearly as much nor make any claims --so you can't call them hypocrites. (Though I certainly do when they point the finger at the GOP exceptions.) But on the taxes?? Those who want us all to pay more ought to at least pay their OWN taxes! We would be in much better shape economically if all the Dems paid taxes and weren't on gov't payroll.

  6. I wonder if Cheney is using the old theory, "the best defense is a good offense." I find it weird that he hasn't disappeared into obscurity.

  7. Why would he disappear into obscurity?
    He has a lot to defend and of course you are absolutely right regarding the statement, the best defense is a good offense.

  8. I hope Cheney is dead wrong in his claims.

  9. I find it weird that he hasn't disappeared into obscurity.

    Soon. I hope that he has a comfortable cell in the Hague while awaiting prosecution.

  10. Weer'd, I also hope he's wrong, if your referring to his predictions of future attacks. Speaking of that, did you see it as a remark that can't help but undermine the current administration, especially if something happens? Why would he do something like that? Isn't that un-American literally, or anti-American?

  11. Now if he thinks Obama's policies are Zero threat to American's saftey, then yes, his acts solely undermine the sitting president, and are treasonous.

    But America is more than just one man, if Cheney legitimatly belives some of Obama's actions might invite, or make a terrorist attack on US soil possible, it's treasonous for him to remain silent.

    Very interesting issue, isn't it?

  12. Biden himself said that Obama would be tested within the start of his administration.

    When Clinton left office, people were warning Bush of terrorist attacks.

    This is nothing new or is it out of line.

    Cheney, knowing what Obama's expected policy changes are, knowing what the current intel is, knowing the mindset of our enemies; discusses the probability of attack.

    I don't see how that is out of line.

  13. I personally agree with him.

    I'm not saying I'm right (I did say I hope I'm wrong) but that's my opinion.

    It also was my opinion of McCain as a President, so it's hardly a partisan feeling.

  14. I think it was Greenwald in that interview who described Cheney's comments as an example of how we allow government to exaggerate the external threat to inspire fear in order to make control possible.

    I believe that's what they did after 9/11, and the fact that Cheney is still publicly doing it is the old "best defense" routine.

  15. Gee willikers, Mike! Terrorists pulled off 9/11. What makes you think they aren't plotting another big one? And how vigorous should we be in trying to prevent such an event? VERY vigorous. We need to eavesdrop on conversations of people who fit the profile of terrorist. And it's been a fishing expedition into Muslim society --because they stick together and we don't understand why we hear so little condemnation of terrorism from American mosques. Then we hear that 20? young men were likely recruited to wage Jihad out of a Minneapolis Islamic Center to go abroad and be trained as terrorists --one was a suicide bomber so far.

    9/11 tells us we should have been more vigilant after the first trade center bomb attempt when Bill was president.