Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Who

Check out this video for great old pics and memorabilia.


  1. I always liked The Who...I had a chance to see them in all their punky explosive glory in Southfield, Michigan when a kid at the high school actually booked them for a concert at Southfield High!
    They blew up on stage and the Southfield Fire department came and stopped the show!
    I really like the video of the Stones Rock and Roll Circus Show from 1967?
    When The Who perform in its entirety the mini opera "A Quick One While He's Away"
    They do it all, incredible vocal choral work, Keith Moon's unequaled rock drumming...just the way he holds his sticks and the attack which recalls show offish military marching band technique...
    And of course the humor and invention of the piece shows why The Who were a band totally unique, out of time.

  2. Do you know Mike if their was another group playing with the Who at SHS other than Amboy Dukes and Unrelated Segments?

  3. Do you know Mike if other than Amboy Dukes and Unrelated Segments there was another band playing at SHS ? I seem to remember one other

  4. Mike Wild, as far as my memory can be trusted, there were only 2 opening acts and you named them...Amboy Dukes and The Unrelated Segments.
    I was 16 at the time...
    I take it you were from the Motor City Area?

    I saw the Who again at The Grande Ballroom in Detroit.
    The Who Sell Out is still one of my favorite all time records.
    It was always a thrill to see Patti Smith in Detroit cover My Generation with various members of the MC5 on stage......

    Did you ever see her performances at the Masonic Temple? I remember one absolutely galvanizing cover performance of the Freda Paine Motown Hit, Band Of Gold, totally out of left base, unexpected and brilliant. I never heard them do it again.

  5. Thanks Mike – I got there late that night (forgot it was Thanksgiving night- but remember it was cold). Was in the very back of the gym. I grew up in Oak Park. The only concert I saw at Masonic was Hendrix which I still have the poster for (MC5 also there). Saw some great shows at Grande and was at Goose Lake. Was a big Seger fan (still am) and saw him at our high school in Royal Oak and the basement of the Palladium in b’ham….and he was a neighbor when I lived in downtown Birmingham MI. Now living in LA just moved down from 7 yrs in San Fran and saw some great shows at the Fillmore – what a venue that is history and all. The last show I saw at the Masonic before I left Mich was the Romantics about 30 yrs ago>? Lots of buddies here in LA from Motown and all just turning 60. No music like those days…although we did go downtown LA to the Nokia a couple weeks ago to see Manzarek and Krieger do all the Doors stuff. Very good they were.
    Thanks for the info and rock on !


  6. Mike Wild, That's Microdot you should be thanking. I'm a Joisey Boy.