Thursday, April 16, 2009

Richard Pryor in the Gun Shop


  1. Yep the classic telepathic gun canard, as well as the "Guns are just for killing"

    Makes perfect sense....of course when you understand that Pryor was a serious coke addict who liked to beat on his wife.

    Pryor was more dangerous than any of the props he was handling.

    Funny man, but not one to talk about morals or responcibility.

  2. C'mon guys. You told me they were just inanimate objects. Do you see now they're much more than that?

  3. Time to stop breaking the pills in half, Mike!

  4. A gun cannot shoot itself, Mike. By the way, if I walk into a gun store and hear them talking to me, I do not need one. Instead I would take the money I was going to use for it, and see a shrink.

    A weapon is an inanimate object. I cannot function, or reason, only the person behind or in front of it can. By the way Mike, I will give you just one thing. When someone uses a gun, even in self defense, two people die. The person pulling the trigger, and the person that is shot. But I stand behind my position, guns are tools, when used correctly they can save lives. When used improperly they take them. In the end, it eventually balances out.

  5. "C'mon guys. You told me they were just inanimate objects. Do you see now they're much more than that?"

    Nope, sorry Mike, any rational person can see that they're merely inanimate objects.

    The gun doesn't kill, maim or destroy targets, doesn't prevent tyranny or launch projectiles without (and these are key words....) INTENT or CONSCIOUS MANIPULATION by a HUMAN BEING.

    Likewise, a car doesn't drive without those 3 factors I've capitalized above, nor does a spoon feed someone (or overfeed them) without the presence of those 3 things.

    If I sit a bat, a spoon, and a loaded gun on a table in front of you which one is most dangerous?

  6. I think MikeB is implying he thinks the voice over in the shop is real.

    Do you hear voices telling you to do things, MikeB?