Thursday, April 16, 2009

Roman Coliseum Illuminated for New Mexico

They call the Roman Coliseum "ground zero" for the death penalty abolition movement. Every time a State in the U.S. or a country in world abolishes capital punishment they hold a ceremony at the Coliseum. from Albuquerque has the report including a video.

Gov. Bill Richardson is in Rome where he attended a special ceremony at Rome's Colosseum Wednesday night.

The ceremony honored the Land of Enchantment for abolishing the death penalty.

The governor traveled to Rome with Archbishop of Santa Fe Michael Sheehan.

"My state is going to be honored with the lighting of the Colosseum," Richardson said. "And it's a great feeling of pride for my state and also because my state has done the right thing in repealing the death penalty."

Hosting the ceremony is the Community of Sant'Egidio, a prominent international lay organization of the Catholic Church that promotes dialogue, peace and social justice.

The practice of lighting the Coliseum was begun by Sant’Egidio in 2002 when the International Day Cities for Life-Cities against the Death Penalty was launched every year on the anniversary of the first abolition of the death penalty in the world by a state, the Granduchy of Tuscany on Nov. 30, 1786. A special lighting of the Coliseum decided by the Community of Sant’Egidio and the City of Rome, took place in December 2007 when the General Assembly of the United Nations called for a worldwide moratorium on the death penalty as a first step toward abolition.

What's your opinion? Do you agree that the United States and the world in general is moving away from the death penalty? Do you think that's a good thing?

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  1. How about this comment Mike:
    "Kayson Helms put a gun to my daughter's face as he attempted to rob her at the AA meeting.
    He got exactly what he deserved. The man who shot and killed him saved her life and he is a hero to me."

    Frankly I don't think you care about any life unless it's a criminal's life.

  2. I spoke about the illumination of the Coliseum in my 12 April posting about capital punishment and political persecution. In the posting entitled The egalitarian outlook that comes with experience, I said....."
    The Colosseum in Rome, once a location for persecution and unspeakable violence against Christians, is often lit up with bright lights to celebrate a country or a state in America that abolishes capital punishment. Due to the egalitarian outlook that the European Union and Italy has from studying history, the Colosseum is now a symbol of peace and reconciliation."

    As for a politician traveling to Rome for a special lighting ceremony, I see this as a free vacation for Gov Richardson and his entourage.
    Like I said in my posting, the more educated societies in the world are often free from capital punishment.
    I like to quote the political philosophy of Hobbes when discussing capital punishment.

    In a commonwealth or modern government, the individual gives it power to the sovereign or leviathan. If the individual does not have the right to kill another human being, than why the commonwealth should also not have the same power. The sovereign or commonwealth should not be more powerful than the individual.

  3. Prince, Thanks for your comment. Feel free to drop a link to your site any time you like. I always like what you have to say.

  4. uh.. strange style..

  5. Anonymous, I don't get ya. What style are you talking about?