Monday, June 29, 2009

Bernie Madoff about to be Sentenced

What do you think should happen to old Bernie?


  1. They should put him in prison and let him get ass raped for the rest of his life.

  2. How old is Madoff? Late 70's?
    He's not going to a country club prison, but to a regular penitentiary.
    Do you think he will live to see 80?

    I don't, he's gonna kick off with a heart attack, or perhaps, this real sentence will convince him that there is no escape hatch that his hidden bucks can open.
    Perhaps he will fess up and tell where the hidden money is stashed.

    The one who's really gonna suffer is his wife. She may not be going to jail, but the ruling left her with a paltry 2 million dollars.

    With her lifestyle, that's gonna last a few months even if she tries to cut corners...Reality will hit fast and hard...

    Then the bitch gonna have go out bustin' on 5th Avenue and try hustlin her pruney tired old ass.......

  3. If it were up to me, I would rape him with several strands of barbed wire until he died. Then grind up his body and turn his corpse into dog food. Then burn the dog turds.

  4. "Perhaps he will fess up and tell where the hidden money is stashed."

    Perhaps you don't understand what a ponzi scheme is?

    The money is already gone.

  5. kaveman, Have you been drinking again? That sounds a little heavy, unless you were joking. If you were serious, I wonder what you'd do to rapists and those really nasty people who prey on the weak. Or is that your point, that Madoff did exactly what they do in his own way?

  6. "kaveman, Have you been drinking again?"

    That's a negative. For future reference, you will be able to tell when I've been drinking by the prevalence of spelling errors.

    Madoff has been given a life sentence of 150 years. My only regret is that at the age of 71, he may not be viewed as attractive enough to the other inmates for a daily brutal raping.

    Recognizing that reality, I hope someone stabs him to death with a homemade shiv, and then rapes his dead corpse repeatedly. I hope they rape the stab wound and put it on youtube.

    I'd drink to that.

  7. kaveman, Now that I've established you weren't drunk and exaggerating about how you feel about Madoff, I'm impressed and grateful for the decision you've made about how you'll write to me. Man, when you don't like somebody, you can really let it fly.