Saturday, July 4, 2009

Obama's 4th of July Speech

I believe him. How about you? (via Deleware Liberal)


  1. Gay rights advocates believed him when he said he would get rid of "Don't ask don't tell".

    Aids activists believed him when he said he would support needle swap programs.

    Peace activists believed him when he said he would bring the troops home.

    Others believed him when he said his stimulus would solve the unemployment problem.

    Even gun banners believed him when he said he would remove Tiahrt and ban semi-autos.

    He's thrown every issue under the bus.

    Why should people believe him now?

  2. Don't care what the Messiah has to say.

    My July 4th celebration activities included buy a new gun and 2000 rounds of ammo.

    That's more in the spirit of the birth of America than, "sitting back and relaxing."

  3. Thirdpower, You're right, of course. I'm concerned about all the unkept promises, and even more than them, I'm concerned that the planned buildup in Afghanistan is quickly turning into a shit-awful mess.

    Yet, when I hear him speak, I get that rose-colored-glasses kinda feeling. You gotta admit, he can deliver the patriotism, Founding Fathers line with the best of 'em.

  4. I also recently posted a video on the political analysis of the Obama win and how he and the democrats are torn between the big money donors interests that got them elected to power and the desires of the electorate and minority voters who also got Obama into power.

    I would like to see him trim the defense budget by over 20 percent and eliminate 4 aircraft battle groups in the process. Close down at least 20 of the 45 military bases in Italy, at least 10 in Germany, and another 10 in Japan. Until he starts to tackle the real problems in America and begin to talk about mass transit and building a mass rail network, I will still consider him to be just a smooth talking politician. Like I pointed out in another posting about Jimmy Carter, it takes a lot of courage to make unpopular decisions and to challenge the vested interests in Washington.

    30 years ago on July 15 1979, Carter and his advisors recognized the problem of importing oil and the threat it has to the national security ( in the economic sense) to America.

    Hey, Barack, how bout some campaign finance reform also.

    No balls no glory.

  5. Sure he can MikeB. It's called a cult of personality. He built himself up to be the "Obamessiah", glorying in the worship of the masses who were willing to listen to anyone that promised them 'hope' and 'change'.

    Yet the only 'change' we've seen is Obama's 'issues' pages as his promises disappear. The only 'hope' we have is that he won't entirely destroy the economy.

    Thankfully there are those of us who never put on those rose-colored glasses and saw him for the politician he is.

  6. I believe him. How about you?

    What's to believe or not? What, beyond pretty platitudes, did he say? I don't deny that he's a skillful deliverer (at least when the teleprompter works ;-)) of happy promises of HopeandChange™, but happy promises don't pay the bills or kill the terrorists (terrorists both in and out of the U.S. government).

  7. "Yet, when I hear him speak, I get that rose-colored-glasses kinda feeling. You gotta admit, he can deliver the patriotism, Founding Fathers line with the best of 'em."

    Just great.

    You openly admit that rhetoric means more to you than actions.

    You are a politician's wet dream.

    You are pathetic.

  8. 45superman, you're right about "what's not to believe." He's a skillful speaker. But to conclude he's a bad president is a bit premature, in my opinion. I'm waiting.

  9. Well, he needs to learn how to pronounce nookyalur ;-).

  10. AT another blog, Mike, you remarked about the polarity of people over Obama --as though it were something new in America to see such hard-nosed polarity. When it comes to politics, dems and repubs have ALWAYS been vitriolic in their disagreements --and POLARIZED ! The dems were wrathful when they weren't in power; now it's the GOP who is really mad --and with good reason.

    As for eloquence --HA! Obama can't think on his feet with a press conference question any better than bush. All "uh uh uh."

    He can deliver a written speech and can articulate well on those issues with which he's familiar. But throw him a question on a difficult issue that he'd rather not discuss and he stammers around with the worst of them.

    But I'll grant you that he's not stupid --and he knows that his march to the left is really energizing the Right --His GLBT Month made people furious --after he ignored the Nation'al Day of Prayer.

    At all our social gatherings, he's the topic --and no one is happy about his march over the precipice economically. He has moved with breathtaking speed, and the conservatives are really disgusted --so they'll get energized and motivated for the next national election 18 months from now. There'll be some change, alright.

  11. The republicans are in disarray and are focusing more on a strategy of keeping their base of social conservative voters in the rural states, while the democrats are now aligned with the big money financial donors in the financial sector. With the Democrats moving further into the south with Virginia now becoming a solid blue state, there is speculation by some political analysts that the democrats are also transforming north Carolina into a blue state with the tri cities of Raleigh- Charlottesville-Ashville making a strong base.
    If Obama and the dems took more of my political advice and downsized the military and re-invested that money into building trams and trains throughout the country, the republican party would be further marginalized. But the power of the duopoly is too strong in American politics and the weapons of mass distraction media will continue to broadcast the non essential news items like Michael Jackson’s funeral, while the military continues to take more resources away from average Americans and ex-pats living in countries like Italy and Germany will continue to live a much better life than average hard working Americans. Just another reason why Chrysler will now be 35 percent controlled by Italians and the mafia tainted political leaders who helped that car company rebuild itself.

  12. Barb, You're right there's always been the polarity. But, I think you're a little too hard on Obama.

    Principe, Thanks for the update on State's changing to Blue. That sounds like good news. And I agree Michael's funeral is "non essential news."