Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Guy Heinze Jr. and the Motive

This is the case in which I first wrote that it was a shooting. Of course I wasn't the only one to say that, in fact I linked to the news outlet which reported it that way. Nevertheless, a few of the commenters took me to task for that, so I made a couple attempts to edit the original post. I think those guys focus on the gun too much. What do you think?

This CNN video describes the investigation into this horrific crime and the ultimate arrest of the eldest son. He's denying it all. Why do they always do that? Is the spontaneous dishonesty and convincing lying lost in comparison the bigger crimes? Do you think these murderers who lie about their actions were already practiced liars before killing? Or did they learn to do it quickly when arrested.

As Raskolnikov described himself , maybe Guy Heinze Jr. was "shattered by poverty." Or maybe he thought he was one of the "extraordinary" people for whom the rules don't count.

What's your opinion? Could there be any mitigating circumstances in a crime like this? The CNN announcer emphasized that $25,000 was a lot of money to these people. What if it were only $20, or much more, say $1M, would that change anything?

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  1. He's denying it all. Why do they always do that?

    Gosh, I don't know, maybe because if they confess up front they are guaranteed to get several years in the slammer.

  2. Maybe the "poor misguided youth" truly thinks he is innocent.

    After all, you've shown the way here. IF you think something is true then it is...isn't that what you are saying with your "Famous 10%"?

    No evidence, no support, no data....just you thinking it is 10% therefore it must be true. He's just following your example.

    Does that mean you have shared responsibility for the multiple murders?

  3. Come on MikeyB,

    Answer the question.

    Do you have shared responsibility for this murder?

    It wasn't committed with a firearm, can't blame "gun owners" for this one.

  4. The police originally said it was a shooting and gave no information as far as I can see they haven't given out information at all. It has leaked that everyone in that trailer was beaten to death with a bat.
    I can't see how one guy could overpower that many people and by their gages it seems most were able to fight. In that very small space. There couldn't have been much room for everyone to lie down.
    I don't buy it. I don't have another theory but one kid alone with a bat is too much of a stretch

  5. Gage46Bstn, Thanks for that well-articulated comment. When I first called it a shooting, based on a news report I linked to, the commenters went nuts. You see, those guys focus on the gun more than I do.

    But, as you say there still exists serious doubt as to what actually happened. Wouldn't it be funny if it turns out they were shot after all?

  6. Thanks Mike B. The press here has been pretty careful about what footage they use ( minors like his brother talking - the funeral director giving an interview at the funeral ! Real classy stuff) If you will or can publish this Jacksonville Florida news link ? It has a long an interesting video with the younger brother, a second "dad" which is confusing. Also two audio clips 1) The manageress of the trailer park and her friend and the other the original 911 tape. Interesting too that they mention a vicious dog that is keeping people from getting near the trailer. And nobody heard anything?

  7. "You see, those guys focus on the gun more than I do."

    Standard MikeB tactic. Accuse your opponents of doing EXACTLY what you do.

    Your entire anti-gun position is predicated upon focusing on the GUN and ignoring everything else.

  8. Mike W., The point of my new favorite joke, that you guys focus on the gun too much, is to illustrate that this can be said about both of us. It's one of the main pro-gun retorts which really has nothing to do with anything, certainly not whatever the topic happens to be.

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