Saturday, October 10, 2009

Guy Heinze Jr. Revisited

I received the following comment yesterday by e-mail. The author had some difficulty accessing the blog to post it directly. He expressed very eloquently what we've discussed before, especially after viewing that video of the younger brother. Here and here are my other posts about the case.

For all of you who already have Guy Heinze tried and convicted; please let me remind you that in The United States of America a man is innocent until proved guilty.

While the media seems to have jumped to the same quick conclusion as the District Attorney I believe that Guy Heinze is innocent.

There are far too many questions that have not been answered not the least of which is the murders he is charged with would be physically impossible for one person. Guy did not have a mark on him.There were many people in that trailer of an age and size that they could defend themselves against one person or at least get out of there. There are windows as well as the door to the trailer. And whoever committed this awful crime ( at least 2 maybe more) could not be the son, uncle, brother that Guy is. He states himself, as does his brother Tyler, that "he is no Saint" (who among us are ?) that does not make him the mass murderer of his own family. I want the facts and proof of this monstrous act to come out and I believe that Guy Heinze will be found innocent. All the while this rush to judgment is going on mass murderer(s) are loose.

Look for the real killers.

What's your opinion? Is it possible the police have the wrong guy and are insisting he's the right one? Do they do such things? Here's what I said before.

Don't the police always say that? Isn't that exactly what they said in every single case in which someone was exonerated after spending years on death row?

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  1. There are far too many questions that have not been answered not the least of which is the murders he is charged with would be physically impossible for one person.

    Sort of like how Rosie said that fire never melted steel before as here justification of the World Trade Center attacks being part of a Bush conspiracy.

    What's your opinion? Is it possible the police have the wrong guy and are insisting he's the right one? Do they do such things?

    Of course it is possible. However, our justice system is not run by possibilities. It is run based on evidence. Guy was charged because there was enough evidence to suggest he did it. He will be tried based on the evidence. If the evidence exonerates him (and merely someone saying that it is physically impossible is not evidence), then he is exonerated.

    Are the police going to be actively looking for someone else when they have someone who fits the evidence so far? No, that would be a tremendous waste of resources. Using that logic the police would never investigate more than one case until the person was dead (either by natural causes or the state).

    Do innocent people get nabbed in our justice system? Yeah, and that is a tragedy. Unfortunately, the only way to prevent any innocent's from being nabbed is to become even more lenient than we already are which would mean more criminals would go free. So as uncomfortable as it sounds, our country has made a choice that the lives of a few innocent people are to be traded for the greater good of society.

    Welcome to an imperfect world.

  2. A quote from MikeB one his ealier post...

    "But, as you say there still exists serious doubt as to what actually happened. Wouldn't it be funny if it turns out they were shot after all?"

    MikeB isn't interested in people beaten to death with baseball bats or railroad ties.

    He only cares about people killed with firearms.

    That and he apparently gets some entertainment value out the thought of slaughtered families, as long as they were shot.

  3. You also accused the police of hiding the fact a gun was used in this crime, only to scrub your post when you were proved wrong.

    Here in America we have these things called "trials", where the evidence is presented and decisions on guilt or innocence are made. We usually wait for those things before throwing stones at the investigators. Especially when you were so wrong in the first place.

  4. I can't get audio or video on this computer so I can't hear any video links.

    I can't see one person killing 8 people, particularly when most of them were adults, alone. I would need some evidence that this happened. What is the prosecution offering? If they don't have a lot of evidence, I'd expect to see Gary Jr. walk.

  5. TomB, That's a few times now you've made reference to my initial wrong conclusion, as if you think I'm trying to conceal it or something.

    I admitted it openly. And as you've mentioned, it has not deterred me from continuing to do what I do on this blog, which is to calls 'em likes I sees 'em.

    Sorry if you have a problem with that.

    Another thinkg you may have failed to consider is I'm not the only one who is suggesting they've got the wrong guy. This is not a court of law, we don't have to wait for the trial and all the evidence before spouting off with our opinions and guesses. That includes you too.

  6. Thank you Mike. I continue to believe more strongly than ever that the wrong man has been arrested in the murders of 8 and attempted murder of a ninth victim at The New Hope Trailer Park at the end of August.
    Guy Heinze reported the murder scene when he got home (the 911 tape can easily be found on the Internet) Guy did not have a scratch on him, was crying and confused about "what should I do?" when calling the police right away. There were at least 5 persons in the trailer who would have put up one hell of a fight yet Guy Heinze is unscathed? What possible motive could he have for murdering his own father, family and extended family? Yes, he has been involved with drugs and Guy is no angel.
    NO, he did not murder these people. I believe the killers of the Toler and Heinze families are still at large.

    Greg Howard

  7. Greg, Thanks for the comment. You sound like you've got your finger on the pulse down there. Please let us know if something develops; I'd love to write about it.

  8. They might have just grabbed the guy closest to the scene. Nothing I have seen so far compels me to think he is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

  9. Questions
    1. He had a cut on his leg.... was it an abrasion cut or was he cut with something?
    2. the Khaki shorts he was wearing would contain dna of all those he bashed or just some
    3. toxicology reports on every1 except the 2 yr old
    4. even in death, the dead cry for justice so has anyone try communicating with the dead?

  10. I read that there was a bloody handprint which did not match Guy - was it tested against the victims?

    Personally I am not yet convinced that Guy Heinze is innocent but I think the evidence to secure a conviction is not nearly good enough from what i have seen.

    1. Hasn't there been a trial yet? It's been a long time. I remember how convincing his little brother was about his innocence.