Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Officer Brian Lilly to be Sued

The United Liberty site reports on the law suit filed by the Phoenix man who survived six police bullets.

Tony Arambula, a resident of Phoenix, Arizona, is suing police due to an incident in September of last year where he was accidentally shot six times after he was mistaken for being robber.

We discussed the case before, when incredibly Officer Brian Lilly was cleared of charges.

The complaint alleges that police confined the family for several hours, interrogated Arambula’s spouse, Lesley, leaving her bruised by the force of officers moving her around.

The police also conspired almost immediately after the incident to cover-up what had happened. The complaint alleges that after Lilly had shot Arambula, Sgt. Sean Coutts, told the officer, “That’s all right. Don’t worry about it. I got your back…..We clear?” The complaint points to the recording of the 911 call as proof (audio at the bottom of the page).

Arambula will lose some use of his hand and wrist and may face additional surgeries and skin grafting. He is seeking $5.75 million from the city.

What's your opinion? Does Mr. Arambula have a good case? Is Officer Lilly going to be another O. J. Simpson, cleared of criminal wrong-doing but found liable in huge civil settlements?

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  1. Intersting that there were no comments on this post.

    People seem to neglect that not only are there criminal liabilities for gun use, but also civil sanctions. And, the civil sanctions have a lower burden of proof.

    So, I should think the current out of control situation with firearms in the States is a boon for lawyers.

    And the states are incredibly overlawyered.

    Verbum sapienti satis est.