Sunday, April 18, 2010

Back from the Shadow of the Volcano

I'll never make fun of you "be prepared" and "take precautions" types again. I have learned my lesson. While in Paris on business, continually watching out for meteorites and concealed-carry guys on the verge of a nervous breakdown, little did I know my true enemy was a volcano.

Ever on the lookout for innovative solutions, my colleagues and I made our escape in a borrowed car, slipped through the longest tunnel in the world (I think) and made it back to sunny Italia.

The lesson: one can never be too prepared.


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  2. That's a cheap shot Demo without a shred of truth and I'm calling you out on it.

    Meet me at the NRA convention in Charlotte in May. I'll be the balding middle aged fat white guy. You can't miss me.

  3. I just can't get over the fact that you were in Paris on business.

    Dude. You were in fucking PARIS on BUSINESS.

    Will you marry me? Can I come along?

  4. Southern Beale, That was my first time to France, even though I live pretty close in Italy. All my life I've heard from Americans and Italians both how nasty and impatient and arrogant the French are. They're nothing of the kind. I met one kind and generous person after another. Generally the let me massacre their language without showing any annoyance or switching to English. And the city is clean and beautiful, the architecture is amazing.

    I told my boss I want to go again next time that volcano is about to blow.

  5. That's what I get for posting before I've had too much to drink. I put the comment on the thread it should have been on in the first place.


    I'll miss the convention. Well, I mean I won't be there, I don't think I'll miss it.

  6. Southern Beale: "Will you marry me?"

    Top 5 reasons why you probably would be unhappy married to Mikeb:

    5) Mikeb probably will have to visit yet other European countries on business, and he will expect you you come along sometimes -- ugh.

    4) And all that time in Paris and Rome -- how will you ever find anything good to eat?

    3) And nothing much to see or do stuck in those places, either -- borrring.

    2) Mikeb never gives anyone the opportunity to express an opinion different than his own.

    1) And the number one reason why you probably would be unhappy married to Mikeb: All that time Mikeb spends shooting and cleaning his guns probably means not much time to spend on you.

  7. Thanks FishyJay. Laughter is good medicine.

  8. And the # 1 reason....

    since MikeB and others tell us all that guns are phallic symbols meant to mask certain "insecurities" MikeB will probably be unable to satisfy certain needs you have...