Friday, April 23, 2010

Michigan Gun Dealer Indicted

The Detroit News reports on trouble for a gun dealer associated with the Hutaree.

Detroit -- An Adrian firearms dealer linked to the Hutaree militia case has been indicted by a federal grand jury in Detroit.

Walter L. Priest, 52, is charged with possessing a rifle with an obliterated serial number in an indictment handed down Tuesday and filed today in U.S. District Court in Detroit. It's a five-year felony.

Priest is the firearms dealer whose investigation by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives prompted outraged e-mails and other Internet postings from members of an accused radical militia group called the Hutaree, according to court records and interviews.

They sound like a bunch of swell guys. It's interesting that if you go back in time just a little bit, these characters were among the law-abiding gun owners we keep hearing about. In fact, they would have certainly fit nicely into my 10% theory.

What do the pro-gun folks say about this? Is it that guys like this actually make an insignificant part of the whole? Is that it? Are we quibbling over percentages? Or is there another take on it?

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  1. Morons - What, a dozen guys with small arms are planning on shooting it out with the ATF?

    Good luck with that.

    As for your 10%. It was bullshit when you wrote it. It's still bullshit now.

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  3. It's pretty plain that many in Mike W's family worry about him going "Hutaree."


  4. Mike W. says they're morons and good luck to 'em, as if these are rare examples of extreme fringe.

    RuffRidr wants to know why I would "inject this kind of bias in to what was otherwise good article about getting legitimate criminals off of the street."

    The reason is because these guys are exactly what I was talking about in the 10% post, among others of course. You say I'm off by a factor of 100 on the percentage, which I'm sure you can back up with plenty of evidence. I, on the other hand, have common sense on my side.

  5. Mike B: You have to understand gunloons are innumerate. To them, numbers and statistics are akin to alchemy.

    As an example, gunloons will often pretend everyone who owns a gun is in 100%, complete lockstep with their extremist views. Yet, we know from polling that about 80% of NRA members favor the assault weapons ban. And we know many gun owners favor stricter, not looser gun laws.


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  7. RuffRidr said, "I have absolutely no evidence to back up the statistic that I pulled out of my ass. Which gives it the exact same validity as yours."

    I backed up every one of my percentages in the Famous 10% with links to surveys and polls. I explained my own calculations and how I reduced them in order to be more fair. That's not the same as making stuff up.

    You may not agree with my conclusions, you may even think it's all "bullshit" like Mike W. never tires of saying, but you can't really say I made it up.

  8. A bit late finding this. was looking for some other news and came across your writings.
    Wow you are full of shit.
    Lets start With the "Indictment".
    It is worthless. It describes a gun that simply does not exist.
    Here is a copy of the indictment,

    It is described as,,A Remington Arms model 700 12 caliber rifle. Very specific.
    No such gun exists. Never has existed.
    But there are several people talking out their asses, and several stories on this. The BATFags can't even identify what they are charging him for.

    As for the Hutaree, There seems to be no case against them either. But that will take a court case to settle.

  9. Pete,

    Thanks for coming by. I hope we hear more from you. It sounds like your ideas would fit right in with those of some of the other commenters.

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  12. Can you say "full acquittal"? The truth comes out and it is sweet. For those of you who commented without knowing the facts, well, there you are.