Saturday, September 18, 2010

Lewisville Texas Murder-Suicide

The Dallas News reports.

A standoff that ended early Friday with a gunman and his stepson dead at a Lewisville home began seven hours earlier when the suspect confronted his ex-wife, neighbors say.

What this angry maniac gun owner did was murder his step-son then tell the boy's mother to go get him. Of course when she found the boy dead she ran out of the house screaming hysterically. Sometime later during a police stand-off the shooter killed himself.

I wonder if anyone is bothering to investigate if he'd had a concealed carry permit. Perhaps when the guy is dead it no longer matters. John Lott and the rest of the folks who claim CCW guys are better behaved than the others are under no obligation to count him.

What about his NRA membership, is anyone checking on that? Chances are he's not a dues-paying member since the NRA has such a paltry membership compared to the number of gun owners they serve, but do you think it's safe to say he was an NRA type?

What's your opinion? Do you see a problem in a man as unstable as Daniel Peshak having "several handguns and a rifle" in the home?

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  1. Jadefool's Biggest (Only?) Cheerleader:

    . . . do you think it's safe to say he was an NRA type?

    "NRA type"--what a convenient way to get around the pesky problem of having ZERO evidence of NRA membership. Since the vast majority of the NRA's 4.3 million members have committed neither murder or suicide, I would say that in the (by far) most important respect, his "type" bears little resemblance to the NRA "type."

  2. Surely Mike, you too aren't going to jump on the Jade bullshit wagon where every gun owner, legal or not is an NRA member?

  3. > John Lott and the rest of the folks who claim CCW guys are better behaved than the others are under no obligation to count him.

    Good thing we don't rely on John Lott and rights activists to count him. You're deceitfully implying that they do.

    When we say that it doesn't matter if he had a CCW or not, that is referring to the fact that a murder is so much more heinous than illegally carrying concealed.

    You never see lessor gun charges when someone is picked up on more serious ones. So what good are they?

  4. Maybe they did investigate and he did not have a CCW or was a member of the NRA, not that any of that had anything to do with the news story so they didn't print it. Maybe they should list a thousand other organizations that he was not a member of either.

    I mean, do you really want that kind of reporting?

    "A man committed a murder suicide today...he was not an NRA member and did not have a license to CCW."

    "This weekend in Chicago, 12 people were killed by non-NRA and non CCW holders..."

    "In an 'armed-robbery-gone-bad' at Bobby's convenience store, a gun wielding degenerate that was neither an NRA member or a CCW holder was killed by the store clerk that was an NRA member and a CCW holder...."

    I don't think you do.

  5. No, FWM. I don't want that kind of reporting and at the same time I don't want you guys putting any stock in that ridiculous crap that John Lott puts out.

    Van Dyke, I'm afraid you're either not following the argument or you got lost along the way. It's not about guys carrying illegally and doing more serious crimes. It's about lawful guys who have concealed carry permits doing serious crimes.

  6. The guy was actually a nice guy if you were to meet him you prob would have thought ttwice about him.. Like so many of the people we meet in the world .. He snapped and did a really sad sad thing .. He would have found a gun if he didn't already had one so your argument is stupid

  7. You can say that again, Anon ;-).

  8. That's funny, Zorro. I thought it was a glitch that reproduced Anon's comment so I removed the extra ones.

    Of course, he may have intended to repeat them for emphasis. I'll keep an eye out for that.

  9. I thought it was a glitch that reproduced Anon's comment so I removed the extra ones.

    Oh, I assume you're right about the glitch. I was just being a clown.

    I can't always be serious, even when fighting the dark forces of oppression.

  10. Dan was a really nice guy... not the unstable, anti-social guy his neighbor quoted him to be. He had many friends. This is a very complicated story that has less to do with gun ownership and more to do with a few-month marriage that Dan rushed to get a divorce.

  11. I really feel bad for people like you reporting on issues that you have no affiliation with or have any idea what actually happened. Dan was a great and honest man with every one of your stupid memberships and permits. Collecting guns was a hobby of his and he was probably the kindest man you would ever meet. To say he was an "angry maniac gun owner" without knowing any firsthand information is reckless reporting and you should thing twice about what you write in the future. I can tell you the situation was not provoked by him, and he had no other choice. So, to you and your huge group of 17 followers, get a hobby.

  12. > It's not about guys carrying illegally and doing more serious crimes. It's about lawful guys who have concealed carry permits doing serious crimes.

    "Lawful guys ... doing serious crimes" don't exist.

    That is precisely my point, which you have missed.

  13. Van Dyke, We have to call them "hidden criminals" then.

    Anonymous, You're absolutely right about my jumping to conclusions about folks based on the scant information in the news story. Zorro and some of the others keep pointing this out to me. I apologize to you, since in this case you really knew the guy.

  14. I'm at such a loss for words...

    Reader's digest version.

    I've never felt this level of bewilderment and pity simultaneously. I almost feel dirty posting this, fearing it will be missed entirely.

  15. OK Van Dyke, I'm with ya. We need a new category then. You've got your criminals, your law-abiding and your hidden criminals. Wouldn't that work?

  16. I just want to add to what Anonomous said. I knew Dan personally for 21 years and we worked together off and on for many of those. I could call him a friend. He was not anti- social or a recluse. He had many longtime and new friends. He was an accomplished IC layout designer and an awesome guitarist. He owned over 50 guitars and had them proudly dis played in his home. He looked and found love in the wrong place. He married this woman after knowing her for only 30 days. After 2 mos, the marriage was over but her oldest son lagged behind. Dan could not get him to leave, and was considering eviction from the home he owned prior to meeting this woman. On that morning he was supposed to go to work at 7:30 but coroners say he was shot around 10, still on pjs. This man was also abusing Dan, a friend saw bruises on his face from an apparent fist fight. This man was no innocent, he pushed Dan to the brink of despair and temporary and fatal insanity. Dan was a loving and gentle soul. He adored his little Pomeranian dog, Zak with all his heart. This is sad and tragic ... Dan was not some gun crazed maniac ... He was just a lonely soul who met the wrong people.

  17. Man, that's a sad story. Thanks for sharing it with us. Jfer.

  18. This comment comes a little late as it took a little time for the news to filter down to me at work.I work at dallas semiconductor where dan worked at for years,and was a co-worker for a long time.During the economic downturn last year,Dan,along with many other workers were layed off after over twenty years of service,and I lost contact with him.First,I am so sorry for his stepson and estranged wifes loss.I know dan at work was always one of the most helpful,smiling and freindful co-workers I have had the pleasure to work with.There are so many other things I could include,but instead,I wish god to accept his stepson in heaven,and that a weird thing happened to Dan that only God could know,and hopefully forgive.

  19. Dear jfer,Iam not sure if you are jennifer from dallas semiconductor?If not,please ignore.If so,I worked with you in the next cubicle for several years untill your dept. moved a few biuldings away.You are so right about Dan,If it was not for his help in integrating into how eveything was being done at work,I may not have survided the layoff that occurred the following year.I respected him for the hardworking,heplfull,smiling person he was at work.I wish gods forgivness and acceptance for both souls.

  20. I knew Dan a long time ago. He was very mild mannered. What happened was a terrible tragedy. I think he must have been pushed a long way. Obviously there must have been some very messed up personal dynamics. Guns were the tool. The problem ran much deeper.

  21. Absolutely, the problem always runs much deeper. Lessening gun availability is one of the most concrete factors in a very complex dynamic.

  22. February 5, 2014 is the first time I'd seen this blog.
    Daniel Peshak and I had the same job title when we both moved into newly built houses on that street. I met his wife as she was selecting carpet. I learned from her that he worked at the same place as me, and I spoke to him one time by telephone. He seemed reasonable and logical. Fast forwarding to the murder-suicide and some other tidbits from the neighborhood. Yes, Daniel Peshak left evidence of being a member of the NRA because the estate sale in his house had some commemorative trinkets which are only marketed in the pages of the magazines published by the NRA. Other than that, the NRA never divulges it's members. Mrs. Pilkington described Mr. Peshak as having a drinking habit, and said that police found a hiding place for his weed. She also described him as being a good customer for her son's Boy Scout sales. Some time between buying the house and killing his step-son, he was fired from his job. His effort to find similar income was fruitless, and he eventually ran completely out of money. He spent his last dollars on liquor. The house recently was sold to another person after having been vacant since the shooting.