Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Great Fantasy of All Gun Owners

"The great fantasy of all gun owners" may be a slight exaggeration. But I'd like to know the CCW permit holder who has not played this one out in his head, or literally before the mirror.


  1. Nope, not once.
    Nor have I ever thought to rehab and save a hooker, or stalked anyone.

    But I did ride in a cab a couple times.

    This is YOUR idea of what people with LTCFs do, not ours.

  2. I actually don’t yet have a CCW license, (class coming april 2) but even being trained in Muay Thai and CSF, I always scan and trace my surroundings for exits, weapons, cover, possible perps, etc. Especially when with my family. It’s my responsibility to protect them. Why wouldn’t I run the scenario through my mind “just in case”?

    It’s like the old story of the basketball team that was told to imagine shooting free throws for a period of time while the other was told to practice actually shooting for that same period of time. Then, when test time came, the team that imagined, shot a huge percentage while the team with all the shots paled in comparison. Maybe, it was the power of the mind forcing the body to react and move in accordance to the “perfect” shot they’d no doubt been imagining, while the other group had thoughts of the ones they missed in their heads.

    Not to say that one shouldn’t practice but the mind has incredible power and can influence muscle reaction when it’s trained as well as the hands. Physical practice is a must but should always come with mental practice.

  3. "The great fantasy of all gun owners" may be a slight exaggeration.

    It's actually a bold faced lie and a pathetic attempt at character assassination of a very large and truly diverse group of people.

    I don't know of any gun owners whose mental world is a Hollywood flick. Judging from the "Wild Wild West" and "Dirty Harry" and "Taxi-Driver" comments anti-gunners do live in a Hollywood fantasy world.

  4. Oh, c'mon Anonymous. Who's the lying one. You really don't know one? Do you think they actually don't exist and we gun control folks are making it up?

    I'll but you yourself have spent countless minutes in front of the mirror. You're so embarrassed by that memory that you respond with inordinate hostility.

    Then when you say you don't know even one who does this, we know you're full of shit. Let me guess, you don't know one racist or a single misogynist either, am I right? How about guys who are irresponsible in the way they handle guns, you probably don't know a one of them either.

  5. Gee, Mike... We don't *know* "one" of many types of people, quite probably because we have standards of intelligence for people with whom we maintain acquaintances and friendships.

    I may have seen, heard of, or know about many types of low-lifes, but I would never stoop to saying that I "know" such a person as an acquaintance or friend. Mainly because that's the truth of the matter...I don't know that person, and I prefer not to.

    Your problem seems to be that of transferring your standards and behavior onto other people. Do yourself a favor and see a psychiatrist.

    I do happen to know of many people who are irresponsible with the way they handle guns...I call them criminals and gun control freaks...but I refuse to associate with them.

  6. And yet, Anonymous, you seem to want to see as many people as possible HAVE firearms, even when that includes people you judge to be low life scum.

    I support those who like the mayors against illegal guns want to remove firearms from the hands of the drug users, felons, children, violent domestic abusers, and the dangerously mentally ill.

    I want the NCIS to be fully funded, and to REQUIRE states to comply with it.

    YOU DO NOT. Your answer appears to be a real life version of some violent video game where the answer is vigilante justice with MORE guns being fired.

    That comes a lot closer to a fantasy than a desirable reality of less gun violence.

  7. Anonymous, Are you talkin' to me?