Saturday, March 19, 2011

I Blame Lawful Gun Owners - In Addition to the Criminals

Another typical day in Baltimore.
Where are all the guns coming from?

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  1. WHAT? You don't see this as gang related?
    This is why I carry, in case I am in a location where CRIMINALS start shooting. Levels the playing field!

  2. Blame yourself. How many guns have you stolen and destroyed today? If you are going to be king, then start acting like it. Why don't you cut off the heads of a few lawful gun owners?

    Oh wait, I know, you are not king, you are just another peon with delusions of grandeur.

  3. Making anonymous comments that are nasty seriously make you look like a idiot and coward. Mike makes many crazy statements and assumptions which drive me crazy, but I do not hide behind anonymity and harp at him. Do it to his face and be a man.
    Stick to facts and let him make it about emotion. I have found that the facts and statistics are all on our side. No one wins in a pissing match, they just wet their own leg!

  4. Thanks Dannytheman for what you said to that Anonymous.

    About your other comment, yes of course I see this as gang related. My point is that all the guns used by gangs and every other type of criminal come from the law abiding gun-owning world. They all start out legally manufactured and shipped out to FFL guys. From there it's anybody's guess what happens, what with the lax gun laws and wrong-headed attitudes you guys have about guns.

    That's why I blame you (you plural that is).

  5. No prob on the anon. I hate people that don't man up.

    You and I agree on some things, which is why I keep coming back here. In this case I agree that I wouldn't want these gang members to have guns. It's the how we do it that we differ on. Illegal guns is what they have, stolen most likely from law abiding people in crimes. Homes broken into, cars stolen with guns in it and various other methods. What I want is for the CITY DA's to man UP!! These gang members have a sheet a foot or 2 long, and yet they let them off on lesser crimes. I watch and see gun charges dropped all the time.
    All I ask is that these city DA's use the over 20,000 laws on the books and put these gang members away for lengthy stays in prison.
    Believe me, LENGTHY time away with NO parole would send a message faster than any gun ban.

  6. Oleg Volk knows just how to tell you where you can stick your "blame."

    Yet another example of Mr. Volk's genius.