Thursday, April 5, 2012

Accidental Shooting of Michigan Man - Shooter Charged with Misdemeanor

The accidental shooting of Eric Thomas, 37, of Marquette over the weekend has resulted in charges being filed.

The Michigan State Police arrested a 29-year-old Negaunee on Wednesday. He is facing a charge of careless discharge of a firearm, causing injury or death.

The man is currently out on bond pending his arraignment on April 9. The charge he is facing is a misdemeanor, punishable by up to two years and or a fine of $2,000.
Does this mean if you smack your wife around you lose your guns, but if you "accidentally" shoot someone you don't?

Shouldn't the act of shooting someone, regardless of how it happens, merit more than a slap on the wrist and retention of gun rights? Aren't people who prove they are capable of such gross negligence more likely to repeat their mistake than, say,  your general gun owner.

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  1. Mikeb, why do we have to keep telling you this: Any conviction that can result in a sentence of a year or more disqualifies a person from owning a firearm.

  2. Greg, Doesn't it differ from state to state? So, what are you talking about, one particular place?

    1. Read the laws, please. It's the Gun Control Act of 1968, a Federal law. Many states have matching laws, but I don't know about every one. Don't you know what gun control already exists? This makes me wonder if a little awareness wouldn't dampen your appetite for new laws.