Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Double Murder - Suicide - Another Lawful Gun Owner, Philip Marshall, Gone Berserk

Local news reports

Former airline captain Philip Marshall, 54, killed his son Alex, 17, and daughter Macaila, 14, each with a single bullet to the head, as they slept nestled under blankets on the living room couch. He then pointed the gun at his head and committed suicide. Both children attended Bret Harte High School.

According to an online biography, Marshall was a former government special aviation contract pilot and flew missions for the U.S. government in connection with the DEA and CIA. He wrote a book about his experiences during the Iran-Contra incident in the 1980s. Callaway said Marshall had also written two conspiracy theory books focused on 911. He made the argument that the U.S. government and Saudi Arabia were responsible for the incident, not terrorist groups, which she feels could have made him enemies in high places.


  1. Every owner of a gun can snap. Every single one is a potential murderer.

    1. Just like every man is a potential rapist and every believer is a potential fanatical terrorist. The vast majority of all three groups don't do those wrong things. To treat every member of a group as a risk because a tiny few do bad things is to tolerate prejudice and a police state.

    2. Just as everyone in possession of a knife can cut the throats of his or her family members while they sleep, or bludgeon them to death with a bat, or set fire to the house, or...

    3. This man was MURDERED because of what he knew and, was to release before he was KILLED. No one kills their dog before they commit suicide.That was one of the big mistakes they made in the staging of the scene.

  2. Did you read the comments, mike? Because the Gun Nut is white the comments allege this is a massive conspriacy in which Marshall and his children were murdered.

    Now if he was Keyshawn Marshall we'd be reading on how it's a cultural flaw and Senator Grassley would state see it's "blacks on black violence".

  3. Okay, so a man who formerly worked for the DEA and CIA -- and wrote books about those missions (which are almost certainly classified) as well as books that the U.S. Government orchestrated the September 11, 2001 attacks -- suddenly shoots both children in the head and then kills himself. Maybe.

    I can also see that this was a professional hit. Think about it. How could someone shoot both children in the head while sleeping? I can see shooting one child in the head while sleeping but NOT both. The first shot to the first child's head would startle the second child who would NOT still be lying down sleeping just waiting for the second shot in the head.

    I think a much more likely scenario is that an assassin carried this out to look like a murder suicide. Keep in mind that an assassin would bring appropriate tools to carry out that activity -- including gas to render the sleeping victims unconscious before firing and a suppressor to quiet his/her firearm.

    I could care less whether this father and his children were Asian, African, European, Plaid, Polka-dotted, or Striped. The surrounding circumstances are what they are.

    1. You watch too many movies. In the real world, gun owners do this shit.


  4. Dated feb 3.
    The Sheriffs' version:

    ----> excerpts
    A Murphys man identified as Phillip Marshall (54) took the life of his two juvenile children before taking his own life in an apparent murder-suicide. On February 2, 2013 at 3:10 pm Calaveras Sheriff’s deputies were called to a residence on the 1200 block of Sandalwood Drive in the Forest Meadows subdivision, Murphys, for a suspicious circumstance/welfare check. The reporting parties, who are friends of the two victims, told investigators that they had not heard from the victims since Thursday,

    They also discovered the family dog deceased in a bedroom.

    The reason for the murder-suicide is unknown at this time.


    Time of death still being determined. When was the "official time of death" determined to have been Saturday when the bodies were found? Did the Union Democrat (see below) get that information from the Sheriffs' Dept.?

    Not heard from since Thursday, [other sources report they missed school Friday as well].

    Sleeping on couch theory not explained, bedding, pillows, or what?.

    "A bedroom" (not "THE bedroom" as some reports on the net have it, implying the kids did have their own bedrooms.

    The reason for calling it a murder-suicide is not explained (parafin test? ballisitcs?)What evidence at the scene was used to make this determination?

    Dated feb 4.

    ----> excerpts
    On February 2, 2013 Calaveras County Sheriff’s deputies and investigators investigated
    a double murder-suicide that occurred at a residence on the 1200 block of Sandalwood
    Drive in the Forest Meadows subdivision, Murphys.

    It was further determined that Phillip Marshall’s son and daughter, Alex Marshall (17)
    and Macaila Marshall (14), were asleep on the couch at the time they were shot. Foul
    play by outside persons has been ruled out, and evidence at the scene confirmed that
    Phillip Marshall was the shooter. The time of death is still being examined


    Foul play by other persons has been ruled out? How was it ruled out? Finding evidence
    at the scene is not the same as doing ballistics and paraffin tests.

    What evidence was found at the scene? What evidence was there that the children were
    sleeping? How did the Sheriffs get into the house? Was the house locked?

    At this time they are still saying the time of death is being examined.

    Feb 5.
    from the Guardian UK.
    ----> excerpts
    John Brennan, Barack Obama's nominee for CIA director, will come under renewed pressure at his confirmation hearing on Thursday to justify the targeted killing of US citizens in drone strikes, following the leak of a secret summary of the White House rationale for one its most controversial policies.

    It is now Feb 13 and there are no new updates at the sheriffs dept.

    On Feb 6 the Union Democrat reports:
    ----> excerpts
    The time of the discovery, 3 p.m. Saturday, will be listed as the official time of death.

    Now this is highly problematic in that the kids were then "sleeping on the couch" instead
    of in their own rooms on a Saturday, which is not unusual. But if they were killed on
    Thursday, they they were "sleeping in the living room" on a school night.

    Did they often sleep in the living room on school nights? Were they allowed to sleep in
    their own rooms at all?

    The mother was in Turkey when she was notified of the deaths, according to several source
    on the internet. Who had legal custody of the children?

    Does the accused have a right to a fair trial? Witnesses for his defense (i.e., paraffin and ballistics tests, just to make sure)?

    Why the dual "time of death" confusion? Will the time of death become more clear or less clear as more time passes?

  5. He had the kids. They had their own bedrooms. Was he an unfit parent?

    He flew airliners, had 20,000 hours flying time in just the kind of airplane use in the 9/11 attacks. Was he a 'mentally ill' mass murderer?

    He wrote a book he intended to receive no compenation for. It was geared mostly toward others in the airline industry who might be more nervous about flying than people who can choose when to fly or not and don't have to fly daily. Was he uncaring?

    He did not shoot his cat? Did he miss one?

    He had no bullets for his gun. Do the imaginary bullets match the ballistics of the alleged murder weapon?
    tarquin feb 5, 2013
    Phil was NOT depressed. He did NOT take his life. He did NOT murder his kids. Only a few days ago he said that "I have a gun, but it would be useless if I needed it because I got no bullets for it", (then he laughed!). I knew Phil, and he had everything to live for and he doted over his two beautiful kids.

    Nobody up there it talking. Are they all terrorized by this idiotic so called 'investigation' where it's almost certain the murder(s) is/are still at large?

    Why was the airline crew instructed not to talk to the mother on the flight back to the US from Turkey?

    --- excerpt about 80% down the page
    Ann February 19, 2013 at 4:31 pm #

    I know the crew who flew his wife home — they were called by the airline and ordered not to speak to her. Why? Very unusual.
    --- end excerpt

    And if there are any parents out there, do the numbers here. This interview is dated three days after Ann's post above.

    It is not clear where this 'mental illness' diagnosis came from, however, as it appears the Philip Marshall had the kids living in his home, either by the court order (unverified but we know where the kids were living) or by the mom's agreement. In fact it looked like there were many agreements, considering the plans the mom had of taking her kids traveling with her.

    Here's his twitter posts between Jan 12 and Thursday Jan 31, when he and the kids almost certainly died.

    The only obvious change in tone or anything else is his switch from using to about a week before they died.

    Here's a petition to have the DoJ look into this farsical 'investigation', where the 'official time of death' was Saturday -- which only makes sense out of why the kids might be sleeping on a couch rather in their bedrooms, but which does not make sense out of how the slept through getting shot indoors with a glock 9 (with no bullets).

  6. Santa Barbara View has an update article here including corrections for a couple points I got wrong.

    It's not easy to hit in a google search. Pass it around if you can.