Monday, February 4, 2013

Talk about buyer's remorse!

While I agree with this person, his methods are a bit crude. I'm sure it felt really good though.

Somebody get him a copy of this for the next time he does decides to trash a firearm.


  1. Where are the rest of his weapons? Why doesn't he save Peacekeeper MPs who will be charged with the task of collecting the rest of his arsenal some time and labor?

  2. Don't worry. Colt and Bushmaster and many other companies will make more. It's the person, not the tool, that has moral quality, whether good or evil. He doesn't want a gun? That's his choice. He sees no use for having an AR-15? Also his choice. The fact that he neither convinced me nor changed my mind? My choice. As long as that choice remains, I have no problem with his actions. But that's the key. Gun control is about removing choice.

  3. Wonderful video. Thanks for posting it.

  4. I hope he didn't damage the serial number on the gun. Isn't it a crime to try to remove the serial number from a weapon?

  5. Hey Laci, you gonna do that with your guns???

    1. This time check to see if they are loaded first you twit.