Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Presidential Vacations - Obama vs. Bush

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  1. You want a law to say that the president gets no more days of vacation than the bottom quarter of Americans? Fine by me.

  2. Give them all the vacation they want, but make them pay for it. Any day they're screwing around they won't be screwing the rest of us.

  3. Instead of comparing the amount of days spent on vacations, how about comparing the COST to tax payer of these vacations for each president.

    1. Spoken like a true Obama hater.

    2. That's the best you can do Mike?

    3. What's so hateful about noting that Bush often vacationed at his Ranch which didn't cost nearly as much, per trip, whereas Obama's trips have always included some very high costs for lodging? About noting that the president During the recession has spent more on vacations than his predecessors in better economic times?

    4. To a true believer, that is the worst insult possible. You don't worship his messiah. Of course, we sane people know it's an honor not to be fans of Obama.

    5. The inexplicable part is your inability to simply say, wow Bush really did take a lot of time off compared to Obama. Anything else falls squarely into the category of Obama hate, and we all know where that comes from.

    6. So you're claiming that one bad president excuses another? But yes, we do know where Obama hatred comes from: Obama's bad policies and inept leadership.

    7. Or you could say, WOW Obama spent way more tax payer money for vacations than any President before him.

      Wow, Obama has the largest deficit than any president before him.

      Wow, Obama has the lowest job rate than any other president in modern history.

      Wow, Obama has the highest rate of welfare than any other president.

      Wow, has the highest health care costs in the history of this country.

      Wow, Obama has run more doctors out of their practice than anyone in history.

      Wow, Obama has more broken more laws than any president in history.

      Wow, Obama has more cover ups than any president in history.

      Oh boy could the list go on and on! And this equates hate??? I don't hate the guy, only what he has done and continues to do to this country.

      I didn't agree with everything Bush did. No one can fully agree with any President, its not possible. But that isn't hate. But with Obama, I haven't found anything agreeable with him yet, that doesn't mean I hate him, I don't know the guy personally. He doesn't know how to lead, only to be a rabble rouser instead. He ducks responsibility for anything, lies continually makes excuses and tries to use power not afforded to his position. Involves himself in things that he shouldn't and doesn't involve himself in things he should. Here again, I could go on and on. That equates to hate Mike? Sorry Mike, but blind I am not. I don't have an alter with a Obama figurine on it in which to worship to. Go polish your alter Mike, I sure there is no dust on it.

      And his term isn't even up yet. So we don't know yet if he is going to beat Bush on vacation time or not yet.

    8. The inexplicable part is your inability to simply say, wow Obama really did spend a lot of money on vacation compared to Bush. Anything else falls squarely into the category of Bush Hate, and we all know where that comes from.

      See, I can make similar statements and accusations, and they make as much logical sense.

      Yes, Bush took a lot of vacations, played a lot of golf, etc. Yes, Bush spent a lot of money and wrecked the economy with Keynesianism.

      How is it hateful for me to say these things, and to also say that Obama has taken fewer vacations, but that they've been more expensive, played a lot of golf, spent even more money, and further wrecked the economy with Keynesianism?

      I'm sorry Virginia, but there's no racial hatred here, just a dislike of bastards from both parties who abuse the public trust and wreck the country.