Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Advocates Duel Over Who’s Winning Gun Control Battle in the States

Fair Warning
Daniel Webster of Johns Hopkins
“I just really question how prudent it is to allow 19-year-olds to carry concealed handguns around. We don’t even let 19-year-olds drink a beer legally.” 
— Daniel Webster, gun policy expert at  Johns Hopkins University

Catherine Mortensen
“To say that the states are moving in the direction of more severe guns laws, I don’t know what kind of figures they’re looking at, but that’s certainly not what we’re seeing.” 
— Catherine Mortensen, NRA spokeswoman, referring to comments by gun control advocates 


  1. This is funny, they are still trying to spin the overall expansion of gun rights into a win for their side somehow. Especially when even by their own standard bearers, things aren't going their way,

    "Yet the organization gave 27 states “F” grades for their actions on gun regulation last year, versus 26 in 2013. The top grade awarded, “A-minus,” went to only six states in 2014."

    There seems to be no mention of states who's grades have "improved", which leads me to believe there aren't any.

    "By the NRA’s count, last year 32 states passed “pro-Second Amendment” legislation that it advocated, versus only four states that curbed gun rights."

  2. The NRA is and has been winning the gun battle. The more they win, the more people die of gun shot every year.