Sunday, January 4, 2015

Tennessee Man Killed by his Friend - Gun Enthusiasts They Were - No Arrest

Local news reports

An Anderson County man is dead following a shooting in Clinton on Tuesday night.
According to information provided by the Anderson County Sheriff's Office, Christopher Scott Cody Bunch of Rocky Top was shot in the chest with a bullet from a .45-caliber semi-automatic handgun. The alleged shooter, Joseph Eric McClane of Clinton, reportedly met deputies outside and told them he had “accidentally shot” Bunch.
Deputies entered the home and reportedly found Bunch lying on the floor with a gunshot wound to his chest. The report said Bunch was unresponsive and a neighbor, Aaron Hackworth, was sitting next to him holding a towel to the wound. Hackworth reportedly told deputies he was called over after the shooting because of his first aid training.
The report said the county’s Emergency Medical Services personnel arrived and began working on Bunch. He was declared dead, however, at about 10:20 p.m.
Several witnesses in the home reportedly told deputies they were standing around the room next to the kitchen talking about guns when a weapon held by McClane suddenly went off “for some reason.”
McClane reportedly told deputies he was holding the pistol, and he and Bunch were discussing single-action versus double-action shooting. McClane said he had his thumb on the hammer and his finger on the trigger in an effort to de-cock the gun when the hammer slipped out from under his thumb and the gun fired.
No arrests were made and the report said the investigation is ongoing with the Sheriff's Office’s Criminal Investigation Division.
According to several sources, the shooting victim had been in a wheelchair all of his life and suffered from spina bifida.


  1. Replies
    1. He's proven to be a danger to himself and others. He should be in jail.

    2. Mike, as the article said, the investigation is ongoing and needs to be completed before charges can be filed. If they had immediately thrown him in jail that night, he would be out already using the dreaded 36 hour loophole in our justice system.

    3. "dreaded 36 hour loophole"
      One of the many "loopholes" that gives people protection from police tyranny.

    4. What's a 36 hour loophole? I thought people are locked up and can get bailed out the following day if they can afford it.

    5. "What's a 36 hour loophole?"

      "Whenever an adult suspect is taken into custody following a warrantless arrest, the suspect must be brought before a judge or judicial officer without unnecessary delay and in any event, not more than 36 hours after arrest."

    6. Wouldn't the 36 hour rule then cause someone's release only if they were arrested on a Friday?

    7. "Wouldn't the 36 hour rule then cause someone's release only if they were arrested on a Friday?"

      Actually, in most cases, weekends and holidays don't count in the rule. Other countries allow more time. In the UK, they have a 96 hour limit. Japan gives up to 23 days for the police to hold you before charging. And apparently, they also have a high confession rate there too.

    8. Well, for that matter, in the good old USA, they can always cry terrorism and keep them indefinitely.

  2. He wanted out and his friends helped. Another discussion we can not have in this country. The cops are okay with this as well. Bet on it. Nothing will happen and probably shouldn't.

    1. Another prog assuming disabled people just want out when nothing in the article indicates that. Add that on top of Mike wanting to restrict the vote to people with sufficient IQ's...

    2. Actually, I don't give a fuck about voting rights. But, people who are dumber than dirt should not own guns.

    3. A prog huh. You don't have a clue about me or where I'm coming from. Because the article didn't go there others because of your abundant amount of intelligence are not allowed to.

      Just how fucking dumb are you.

      I will say again you dumb ass - I think there is a good chance friends helped another friend and everyone knows it.

      With a population of 10k there is a good chance as well that many who were there including police and first responders knew one another.

      How one ends their life in this country is not a conversation that is allowed to be had and it needs to be.

      So kiss my ass all the way up to the brown for wrongly categorizing me when you don't know shit asshole. Fuck you!

    4. You seemed to care about voting rights before the election.

    5. Gee, one fly, ever think that maybe I've been around and seen other comments that showed a progressiveist bent? Hmm, guess not.

      You want to have a conversation about assisted suicide? Or allowing suicide without assistance? Go for it.

      However, making assumptions about someone wanting to die just because they're in a wheelchair and saying that the irresponsible person that shot them should get off with a wink and a nod for "helping out" is outside such a discussion, and the assumption involved is insulting to anyone confined to a wheelchair.

      As it is, I'm sorry you were unable to carry on the conversation you wanted in a civil manner, but it's ok; we know what to expect when we point out how progressives tend to devalue the humanity of certain groups of people.

    6. TS, you love to crunch numbers so much, why don't you make a rough count of the posts I've made about voting rights and compare that number to the ones I've made on gun control/rights. Then try that gotcha again.

    7. Well, you also do an order of magnitude more posts on gun control than Captain Beefheart. Does that mean you don't really like Captain Beefheart?

    8. That's a good one. Actually, I care much more for Captain Beefheart than I do for voting rights (or abortion for that matter).