Thursday, April 23, 2015

Alabama Woman Shoots Estranged Husband - Police Shoot Her

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  1. "Lisa Skinner, 52, had been staying at her mother’s home and had an active order of protection against Bradley Skinner, 59, which she said filed because she feared she would become the victim of a murder/suicide. But the protective order did not keep her estranged husband away, who was armed with a pistol and a large knife when he broke out the glass to the back door to gain entry into the home around 6 p.m., reported.
    Lisa told her mother to leave the house and go to the neighbor’s to call 911, then she armed herself with a shotgun and went into the garage. At some point Bradley fired a shot and as he continued to make his way towards Lisa and pointed the pistol at her, she shot him in the chest."

    A good outcome considering the potential alternative of being at the mercy of the ex.

  2. Guns in the home saved this woman's life..I wish her a speedy recovery