Monday, April 20, 2015

The NRA's Greatest Hero

Never forget.  The NRA's greatest hero, the one who accomplished the the most for "gun rights" was Timothy McVeigh.


  1. Didn't everybody feel good just to imagine the deadly depressants and narcotics entering his vital bloodstream? Justice. Robbing him of the God-given life that he hated so much? A man who hated the very United States of America. Something that we all hold to be sacred. We couldn't wait for him to be dead. I certainly felt no pity for this evil and God-forsaken harbinger of hatred. I can't think of anyone else that I wanted dead ever in my lifetime. Really, not even Dick Cheney.

    Some have assumed that he was railroaded into execution and death by those who did not wish for him to be able to testify in a larger conspiracy trial. Who can blame them? It was true when Jack Ruby shot Lee Harvey Oswald. But it wasn't true in this case.

    I think that he really was the first to fit the modern profile of a lone wolf domestic terrorist. He truly was an inspiration to paranoid minds. Domestic terrorism is the greatest threat that we now face. If any of you don't realize this, you're not paying attention to the right news sources.

    1. So FJ you as staunch liberal are in favor of the death penalty....That is one more thing we will never have in common I guess

    2. Does that mean you oppose capital punishment, George?