Sunday, December 13, 2015

Florida-based gun dealer known for supporting NRA is linked to weapon used in Paris terror attacks

NY Daily News

One of the guns used by ISIS terrorists to slaughter 130 people in Paris was once owned by a Florida-based online firearms dealer with close ties to the NRA.
The M92 semiautomatic pistol — made by a Serbian arms factory — was imported into the U.S. by Century Arms, a Delray Beach-based company in 2013, the head of a Serbian arms factory revealed Friday to The Associated Press.
It remained unclear how the weapon made its way back across the Atlantic — and into the hands of Islamic militants.
Marc Adler, president of Allan Adler, a Boca Raton consulting firm that specializes in firearms, said legally taking a handgun out of the country involves reams of paperwork and approval by numerous federal agencies.
“The export of firearms is very heavily regulated,” Adler, who questions how the gun could have legally left the country, told the Palm Beach Post.


  1. So if Century Arms doesn't have the necessary documentation to show the sale took place legally, then they will be in some trouble. If it was sold legally, then they have a staring point in the investigation since they will have the initial purchaser.
    Of course, in this case, there is the challenge of finding how it was smuggled illegally into the EU. I'm sure that somehow though, it will be the NRA's fault somehow.

    1. The last legal owner should indeed be in some trouble. I wonder what's taking so long.

    2. The last legal owner should indeed be in some trouble.

      Not if he didn't break any laws when the first illegal owner in the chain acquired it from him.

    3. And it now appears that the Associated Press made an oops in reporting on this firearm,

      "A gun linked to a Delray Beach-based arms importer was not used in the Nov. 13 Paris terrorist attacks despite previously published news reports, the U.S. Department of Justice has concluded.
      Based on statements from a Serbian gun manufacturer, The Associated Press reported on Dec. 10 that an M92 semiautomatic pistol used in the attacks passed through Delray Beach-based Century Arms. The AP's report made international headlines and was picked up by major newspapers.
      After an investigation, "it is clear the firearm reported in previous stories is not related to the Paris attacks," Dannette Seward, a Justice Department spokeswoman, wrote in a statement."

      "A lawyer representing Century Arms wrote in a statement that the arms importer complies with all laws and regulations and has an "active training and compliance program."
      "This false AP story was readily checkable, but was not," Brady Toensing, a Washington, D.C.-based lawyer wrote in a statement. "At a minimum, the AP should have waited for a response from the United States government."

      Is it just me, or does the media and various government officials seem less concerned with being accurate in regards to claims about gun violence?
      There have been several instances recently where violent acts have been committed and the people mentioned above have made hasty claims that have turned out to be incorrect.
      And no one seem to care, or at least, being found to be wrong doesn't seem to be changing their behavior. Perhaps they don't really care anymore.

    4. Nothing to see here--just some more vile, libelous calumny from the filthy lying "gun control" fanatics. That, of course, is just another way of saying "typical 'gun control' fanatics."

    5. "does the media and various government officials seem less concerned with being accurate in regards to claims about gun violence?"

      That's comically self-centered of you, not to mention a bit paranoid. The media and various government officials are too little concerned with accuracy with regards anything. It's not limited to gun violence.

    6. Apparently this unconcern for accuracy is not limited to media and various government officials as we still haven't seen a retraction from you, Mike.

  2. I've bought a couple guns from Century. Both my commie "vest-buster" pistols (a Cz-52 and a TT-33) came from them. No complaints here about their integrity, or the way they do business.

  3. Another fine example of the sexual predators at the TSA doing a first rate job of not protecting anyone.

    orlin sellers

  4. Like many other companies, they don't care who dies as long as they get their money.

    1. Well Anon, if you'll look up at my most recent comment, you'll see that the gun in question wasn't a part of the attack.

    2. I said nothing about the gun, or the attack.