Thursday, February 4, 2016



  1. So why exactly is that MOM taking her kids to a bar? Minnesota allows carry permit holders to be in a bar, but prohibits them from being under the influence of alcohol.

    1. I think the idea is a restaurant that serves alcohol. While a misguided idea, it does make a great deal more sense than actually bringing a gun into a bar where people go to become intoxicated.

      Cue my ancient comment about a cowboy named Shorty who enjoys stopping in his favorite bar, ordering a sarsaparilla and "just keeping the peace." Hell, didn't Gene Autry usually order a milk?

    2. Howdy FJ,
      I'm old and set in my ways and since most bars serve food of some sort, if there is a bar to sit at in the place, then its a bar. And there is a bar to sit at in this video. So, its a bar.
      And of course, the MOMs take the message to extremes by throwing rifles and shotguns into the mix, while most people carry concealed handguns.
      Some states actually have laws defining the two places you mention and restrict carry in bars and not in restaurant that serve alcohol. But the MOMs don't seem to recognize that difference either since they seem to believe that while its ok to take kids to such places, you shouldn't be able to lawfully carry.
      And the MOMs again display their ignorance of guns by including firearms with no slings. As a rule, if you're carrying a firearm in your hand in public without an immediate threat present that would suggest you're defending yourself or out hunting, you'll be charged with brandishing. I saw a shotgun and an AK that didn't seem to have one.
      I cant recall what Gene drank. I do recall the old detective show Barnaby Jones where Buddy Ebsen always ordered milk.

  2. Poor woman doesn't realize how much safer she and her family are compared to those dining at Luby's Cafeteria in Killeen when that nut massacred over 20 patrons.

    orlin sellers

  3. I have to question what MDA was thinking when they made this. The tag line was "what could go wrong", yet they don't show anything going wrong. They show one guy drop his gun, but they portrayed it as drop safe by not going off. Also, this family is the only one freaking out over the sight of guns. Everyone else is not bothered and shown to be having a good time in a packed restaurant. Is that really the way they want to show their movement- as the pansy fringe?