Sunday, August 22, 2010

Cop Shot With Own Gun at Bachelor Party

The Sheboygan News reports on the wild incident.

A criminal complaint said Davis M. Manci, 27, was holding the .40-caliber automatic weapon at his hip in a "cowboy" pose when he pulled the trigger believing the weapon was unloaded. The bullet grazed Deputy Anthony Blodgett's left hand before passing through his left thigh and lodging in his right thigh.The shooting took place about 1:30 a.m. Aug. 7 at a party in Rhinelander where both Manci and Blodgett had been drinking, according to a report by the Forest County Sheriff's Department. Blodgett, 25, was off duty, and the gun involved was a personal weapon he was authorized to carry.

I'm not sure what the laws are in Wisconsin or what the police policies are, but wouldn' you think the off-duty cop should be responsible for his own gun?

While sitting around a campfire later, Manci asked to see Blodgett's gun, which was carried in a cloth holster. Blodgett unloaded the gun and gave it to Manci, who pulled the trigger several times.

The gun was then given back to Blodgett, who said he reloaded it in plain sight.

A short time later Blodgett, Manci and another man were playing pool in the basement, so Blodgett removed the gun and holster and placed them on a shelf. Blodgett heard someone tell Manci, "Put that away. That's how kids get hurt."

Blodgett saw the gun in Manci's hand, and a moment later he saw smoke and felt a warm sensation.

Isn't drinking to the point of intoxication at a bachelor party enough? That combined with failure to maintain complete control of the weapon, should result in immediate suspension as well as criminal charges. Don't you think?

A spokeswoman for the Forest County District Attorney's Office declined to say whether Blodgett could face charges.

Sheboygan County Sheriff Mike Helmke said Blodgett is on sick leave recovering at home. An internal investigation is under way to determine if any sheriff's department policies were violated.

I always say cops should be held to a higher standard. FWM always says they should be held to the same standard. In Sheboygan they're held to a lower standard, and not only there. The police cover-ups and special treatment are a disgrace.

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  1. Off duty cops are some of the worst. Stuff like this happens way more often than it should.

  2. "The police cover-ups and special treatment are a disgrace."


  3. Replies
    1. Were there any children at the residence at the time of the incident?