Saturday, August 28, 2010

Lyin' Politicians - You Just Can't Believe 'em

The Dallas News reports on the convenient change of heart that Craig Watkins has had on the issue of capital punishment.

Dallas County District Attorney Craig Watkins, the state's first elected black district attorney, made national news after taking office in 2007 when he declared that he personally opposed the death penalty on moral and religious grounds.

Now mired in a rough re-election race, the 42-year-old Democrat said he's changed his mind about the use of capital punishment.

"I came in with a certain philosophical view. I don't have that anymore," Watkins told The Dallas Morning News recently. "From a religious standpoint, I think it's an archaic way of doing justice. But in this job, I've seen people who cannot be rehabilitated."

It makes me wonder if anything any of them says can be believed.

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  1. He is merely following the 'wonderful' flip-flopping example of John McCain.

  2. I don't see how he can oppose capital punishment on a religious grounds, unless he's a Buddhist or something equally pacifistic. The 3 predominant religions in the US all have a history rife with retributive death.

  3. Maybe he did change his view after he saw some of the dirtbags that he had to prosecute.

  4. FWM, That's stretchig the old benetif-of-the-doubt idea to its limit. He might have really changed his mind. Or he might be trying to get more votes next time around. I think it's that one.

  5. You've no doubt heard the saying that politicians are like diapers--they should be changed often, and usually for the same reasons.