Friday, August 27, 2010

Robert Farago Twisting the Truth About Guns

The Truth About Guns is my favorite pro-gun blog. I think it's safe to say that. I like many of the others, but Robert Farago has some unique things about his, not the least of which is the feature, "Irresponsible Gun Owner of the Day."

But I have to say, what I read over there just now is your typical biased and slanted pro-gun nonsense. In decribing three reasons why it's OK to carry a concealed gun, he talked at some length in point number 1, about recreational drugs.

The category heading, "You know someone who uses recreational drugs," seems to be a promising start until you realize in the reading he's talking to gun owners about non gun owners. The entire essay seems to overlook the fact that many gun owners use recreational drugs, even if he does not.

Now, tens of millions of “normal” Americans smoke marijuana. Plenty of these hard-working, tax-paying Americans consider their dope dealer a “friend.”

Amazingly, he's advising the gun owners to watch out for these other folks who use drugs and know drug dealers. But if gun owners are a cross section of society and "normal" in every respect, wouldn't the drug users among them be of approximately the same proportion as in the rest of the population? I touched upon this in The Famous 10%.

Mind you, I’m not for a moment suggesting that recreational drug users should get a gun to protect themselves and their family. Quite the opposite. I’m saying they should man-up and stop using the drugs so they can keep themselves and their family safe.

I suppose it is possible that Robert lives in such a fantasy world that, based upon his own abstemious lifestyle, he really thinks ALL gun owners are clean and sober. I guess that's possible.

Basically his article is advice to the gun owners, none of whom use drugs, to beware of the non gun owners who do, and his advice to the druggies is to knock it off so they can become gun owners. No overlap at all in his view.

What's your opinion? Do you think Farago is purposely spinning the reality in favor of gun owners? Isn't it bizarre that he'd do such a thing while frequently posting videos of bad gun handling? (One of the reasons I like his site so much is because it must teach gun owners a lot. Not many of the other sites can claim that.)

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  1. "The Truth About Guns is my favorite pro-gun blog."

    There's your problem right there! I would hardly call that blog "Pro Gun"

  2. I guess I didn't make myself clear. Too clever by half as the Brits would say. Thanks for the heads-up.

    I've amended the text to more clearly indicate that some of the dope smokers might be---gasp!---gun owners.

    BTW Mike: How about you and me do a daily podcast for both our sites? Simple, cheap and fast. The Hannity and Colmes of guns. Could be cool.

  3. Robert, That sure is an amendment, I'll say that. Now the whole sense of the essay is different. Now you're talking to gun owners who smoke dope.

    But that brings up a couple other problems, doesn't it? In most places the buying and using of marijuana is still a crime, so these gun owning partiers you're taling to are not one or two steps removed from the criminal element. They're criminals already.

    The other problem is the numbers. If tens of millions smoke dope, many of whom are gun owners, you're got a lot of pot smoking gun owners out there. I call them irresponsible. I didn't hear you saying quite that.

    Imagine, safe at home. toking and giggling in front of Saturday Night Live, or whatever it is these days, and the back window breaks. Is that what you call a responsible gun owner.

    Why don't you man up and tell them the only right way to do it as far as recreational drugs and alcohol go, is the way you do? Are you afraid you'd lose the popularity contest?

    About the podcast, no thanks. Is that another bogus offer like the one you made me a few months ago to co-blog on your site?

  4. So are you serious that in your world, no one who ever has a drink would be allowed to own a gun? Is that really what you are saying? You’ve said it before, but I thought it was one of your jokes. Please confirm- I don’t want to be accused of putting words in your mouth and then arguing against those words.

  5. TS, Since you've asked, I'll try to clarify. No, I don't say having had one drink one time is a lifetime disqualifier. But, I do say the only way to be perfectly responsible with guns is total abstenence from substances.

    Just like I don't suggest total bans on all guns as a solution, I don't suggest making abstenence from recreational substances, beer for instance, a lawful requirement.

    But don't try to tell me you're a better gun owner or a better driver or a better anything for having had a few beers or a little pot.

  6. I'm disappointed that you won't take Robert up on his offer to debate the issues in podcast form. Could have been a good opportunity for both sides of the argument to learn to talk about the subject in a rational manner.

  7. Except that MikeB is slowly sliding towards the Jadegold end of the insanity pool. Rational thought isn't in the mix, I'm afraid.

  8. MikeB: “But don't try to tell me you're a better gun owner or a better driver or a better anything for having had a few beers or a little pot.”

    The key is not combining the two.

  9. Sorry TS, the two are combined as soon as you crack that first beer or roll that first doobie. Unless, of course, you stop being a gun owner for a while so you can escape reality and chill.

  10. OK, you made the car analogy, so does that mean no one should drink at home as long as there is a car parked in the garage?

  11. As I said in my comment, I was trying to suggest that there was an intersection between pot smokers and gun owners, rather than state it. That was a mistake which I've now rectified.

    Personally, I don't do recreational drugs. But the truth is that people do. Is there such a thing as "responsible recreational drug use" for a gun owner? As we don't hear about legions of stoners making negligent discharges (of guns, I mean), and common sense tells us there are millions of people who own guns who toke, I'm thinking yes.

    Certainly, you hear about drunk people being reckless with firearms ALL THE TIME. (And alcohol is the drug of choice for criminals.) There are plenty of laws against handling firearms while intoxicated. But that's not an argument against guns. It's an argument against alcohol.

    The podcast is not a bogus offer. Neither was the first one. I don't want TTAG to become a one voice website.

    Email me: and I'll send you my phone number. Let's talk this through. As the man said, there's no place on the web where you can hear BOTH side of gun-related issues at the same time.

    Why not us?

  12. Because he get his ass handed to him in a sling, every week. It's embarrassing enough in print. He doesn't want to have it happen on video.