Monday, August 23, 2010

What Noble Cause?

The Brad Blog asks the question, What noble cause?"

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  1. The Treaty of Qasr-i-Shirin between the Ottoman Empire and the Persian Empire in 1639, established a boundary between Sunni-ruled lands of the Ottoman Empire and Shiite ruled lands of the Persian Empire. Although Iran had tried to breach this border in the eight year Iran-Iraq War started by Saddam Hussein in the 1980s, the 2003 Iraq War by the Bush administration accomplished what Iran could not in the 1980s. As the last American combat brigade leaves Iraq, it is clear that the winner of the 2003 Iraq War is the Islamic Republic of Iran.

    Shrouded behind the dust kicked up from the convoy of the American combat troops departing Iraq in the middle of the night, a recent car bomb explosion in Baghdad where 61 Shiite Iraqis were killed, is the latest tragic incident that supports this unconventional and objectionable claim. Started under false pretensions, the undeclared war and thus unconstitutional war on Iraq in 2003 was soon followed by a disastrous post conflict reconstruction effort led by inept political appointees such as Paul (Jerry) Bremmer, who made several strategic mistakes during his time as the Administrator of the Coalitional Provincial Authority (CPA). By deconstructing all of the Bush administration’s blunders in prosecuting the war and the subsequent occupation, it is easy to see how the actions of inept political appointees like Paul Bremmer helped institutionalize the ongoing sectarian violence in Iraq today and helped give a strategic political victory to Iran.

  2. IP is right on the mark; I imagine as time progresses we will all plainly see the debacle that was Iraq.

    Iran and various fundamentalist Islamic groups are the big winners from Bush's folly.

  3. Either by design or by coincidence, the US has strengthened America's self appointed enemy and given the military and all its supporters ( think tanks, weapons makers, security firms, etc) another reason to justify ever increasing military budgets.

  4. The other thing we're going to hear more and more of is that the withdrawal from Iraq is bullshit. The advisors and special forces people they're leaving behind plus the fact that the withdrawal is contingent upon the Iraqi Forces not collapsing, means this is a big charade.