Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Science of Imaginary Solutions

Lacy wrote a good one. It's called pataphysics.

The fact that the United States is the only nation where one finds a concept of “gun rights”, that is the “right” to own an object which when properly used will result in death or serious bodily injury, has the highest amount of mass shootings and firearms injuries!

The answer to the gun problem is amazingly simple when one uses pataphysics: more guns!

The fact that it is admittedly easy for those who are listed as being legally disqualified to own firearms to acquire firearms leads to the truth that rather than making firearms laws more restrictive, one needs to make it easier for them to acquire firearms. We know that these people will get guns anyway, so why bother making it difficult for them to get guns?

That demonstrates the pataphysical truth of the gun rights movement. Gun control, which never has existed in any meaningful form in the US, does not work: therefore, we need to abolish gun control!

It's in Wikpedia too; he's not making this stuff up. What's your opinion?

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  1. And Alfred Jarry, as a gun toter, would whole heartedly approve of pataphysics being used to support the concept of gun rights.

    In fact, one can see Alfred jarry as the founder of the gun rights movement.


  2. "It's in Wikpedia too; he's not making this stuff up. What's your opinion?"

    Wikipedia is the source for most of his gun knowledge.

  3. I don't think anyone has claimed that the answer to the "gun problem" is more guns. That's purely in Laci's head, thus making it more metaphysics than pataphysics.

  4. AztecRed, Isn't that exactly what Lott preaches and most of you support?

  5. It worked for prohibition.

    Heck, 2/3 of all crime is alcohol-related--committed by people under the influence. Just get rid of the drink and like magic 2/3 of all crime disappears, right?

    Turns out it doesn't really work that way. Guess what else? Alcohol-related deaths dropped when alcohol was again made legal.

  6. "AztecRed, Isn't that exactly what Lott preaches and most of you support?"

    Lott's premise is more guns, less crime. Not more guns, less "gun problems".

  7. Anonymous, Your comparing the total prohibition of alcohol to the minor inconvenience of common sense restrictions of guns that we want.

    What do they even have in common?